Halo: Combat Evolved Timeline

NowGamer kicks off its Halo: Reach pre-launch celebrations with a look back at the story of Halo: Combat Evolved to get you up to speed on the Halo plot.

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LeeRoyJenkins2960d ago

Thanks for the update the more HALO the BETTER.

fastrez2960d ago

Can't wait for Reach mate. Never been the biggest Halo fan, but Reach has swayed me somewhat. You played the beta? If so, how did it stand up?

danmachine2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

its basically the same halo gameplay with new powers, weapons ect.

(which isnt a bad thing if your a fan)

Roozium2959d ago

The beta was super good. It was more well done then most of the retail games that come out now-a-days.

MerkinMax2959d ago

"The Master Chief wakes up onboard the Pillar of Autumn to find the ship under Covenant attack. It turns out, the UNSC decided to flee Earth with their tails firmly wedged up between their legs and have somehow managed to successfully leap from frying pan to fire. Everything starts to go south and Master Chief is forced to abandon ship with Cortana."

falviousuk2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

didnt bother to read this nonsense. Its obvious they dont knwo what they are talking about or the subject matter.

Very first part says that MC fled earth on the Pillar of Autumn which is wrong. They performed a random jump from within the space near Reac not Earth, trying to escape the covenant and stopping them from discovering the location of Earth. This random jump took them to Halo where the first game Halo CE starts.

fatalred alarm2959d ago

altough that jump wasn't so "random", pretty sure cortana used some of the forerunner code they found earlier, been a while since i read the books though (:

MerkinMax2959d ago

You're right, she did get data from a Forerunner artifact. I hate articles like these that don't even get the data right and do nothing good. If you want to write a good piece on the history of a game, then do some research and cross reference your material.

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