Microsoft showing new Kinect games at Tokyo Game Show

Microsoft will be revealing new Kinect titles at Tokyo Game Show.

Alongside the announcement of a new Xbox 360 Kinect bundle, the firm confirmed that new hands-free games will be revealed next week.

"Kinect for Xbox 360 will take to the global stage once again at the Tokyo Game Show next week to reveal even more new controller-free games and experiences never before possible," read a press release.

Microsoft's Takashi Sensui and Phil Spencer will be opening the conference on September 19 with a keynote titled 'Xbox 360's Vision and 2010's Strategy'.

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Agent-863017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

Sssshhhh! The Eyetoy and PS Eye never existed. This has never been done before. Oh well, repeat a lie enough and it becomes the truth. Like the Kudo Tsunoda lies that the Kinect also has 1:1 tracking and its for the hardcore.