NHL 08 on 360 @ 60 fps and on PS3 30 fps ; Feels like NHL 07 on PS3

A reviewer from finish magazine has confirmed in his latest review that, NHL 08 will run at 30fps on PS3 and whiles, the Xbox 360 version will run in 60 fps. He further states that, the PS3 version's frame rate feel more like NHL 07 on the Xbox 360.

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Syko3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

Here we go again...“xbox is teh awesum ps3 sux lolz!”. I think we can all agree EA didn't really care about the PS3 this time around for the same reason they are trying to kiss the Wii's ass. Because of install base/Attach Rate. At this rate the Wii will be running at 400 Fps just because that is where the money is. At least with a company like EA their motives are transparent.

ItsDubC3935d ago

ROFL awesome comment dude.

cuco333935d ago

but it's a natural progression of things. the 360 dealt with crappy EA titles up until now... it's only fair for the ps3 to get crappy ports (although better quality and not as crappy as what 360 had to deal with it's first run of EA games)

Blitzed3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

Doesnt anybody actually read this stuff, see my reply below #28

**Edit** @Eternal E808 1.4 & 46-

Before you go calling people dumb check your facts. EA is making NHL08, 2k is making NHL2K8. Who is dumb now? Regardless, NHL08 is running at 60fps on the PS3, so there is no need to blame anybody (how many times am I going to write that?!)

Eternal E 8083935d ago

you ps3 fans are so funny because yall blaming EA when 2K is making this game haha you drones alway blaming the devs and not the ps3 why?

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Xbox 360 Will3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

Boy you guys are getting desperate with negative PS3 news. It won't stop the inevitable. PS3 will overtake 360 in 2009. EA is shooting themselves in the foot. They are alienating PS3 owners.

razer3935d ago

Buy some lottery tickets and go to the race track because you obviously have the power to see into the future??

Shake your Sony fanboys pom poms harder and maybe people will be distracted from the facts that third party games are looking like crap on the PS3.

Maybe Sony should assist EA more with developement, because this isn't helping the PS3 almost a year into it's life.

Xbox 360 Will3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

psychic all you need is a History Lesson of the PS1 and PS2 look at what most Gaming Industry Analysts are saying. They say PS3 will be on top by 2009 only Gaming Journalists talk about how the PS3 will be in 3rd this generation.

Sony doesn't have to worry about EA they have their own studios to showcase the power of the PS3 and the other 3rd party developers show it also EA is just lazy they want to make money so they don't take the time to perfect all versions of the game.

Since Sony and other 3rd parties can do it all it does is make EA
look foolish and lazy.

ShiftyLookingCow3935d ago

2009 Blu ray is going to big advantage for PS3 but it isn't inevitable at all. Time will say.

Ignorant Fanboy3935d ago

Thats a tongue twister, but really I dont know what the PS3 and 360 will be doing, too hard to tell.

But definately, the Wii will be #1. There Still selling out. I cant go to the store right now and buy one if I wanted one.

supnub53935d ago

how i wish sony would bring back NFL GameDay series, so ps3 owners wouldn't need no madden.

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Greysturm3935d ago

If they didnt manage to do it for madden, why would they care for their other less popular franchises.

the worst3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

ps3 rules
thats my name
the worst