Playstation Move to get an early launch in the UAE

MEGamers: "Players in the UAE will have the opportunity to buy Sony’s motion controller a whole week before it becomes available worldwide. At the Playstation Move media launch event held yesterday at the Movenpick Hotel, JBR Walk, Sony announced that the Move will be available on September 9th, 2010. Yup, that’s tomorrow."

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Game-ur2651d ago

Smart, because it will be the "E'ed" holiday Friday (it's like charismas), and people are starting big shopping already.

zak94ma2651d ago

no you bloody idiot , E'ed is not like xmas .

captain-obvious2651d ago

we always get things early in here
even mafia 2 the (( banned game )) i swear to god i saw on sale yesterday


Game-ur2651d ago

I ment its a big shoping ocasion for the major holiday of the year for muslims.

Game-ur2651d ago

For the one who disagreed, educate me, what is the biggest holiday of the year for Muslims?

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Brewski0072651d ago

Haha very true, you beat me too it lol.

MiloGarret2651d ago

Odd huh? I fully expected it to be banned because it was mistaken for a dildo.

Quagmire2651d ago

No, that was just your face.

Why the hate guys? UAE gets move earlier, and suddenly we make jokes? Would the same be done if it were earlier in NA?

LeonhartX2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

not funny godmars and stupidsega....
really get a life

doG_beLIEfs2651d ago Show
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MaximusPrime2652d ago

good for them. Nice to see PS3 is very active in UAE.

THC CELL2651d ago

My virus scanner has blocked this site
be aware,

HeroXIV2651d ago

Firefox blocked it for me. :o Never seen that before.

KratosGirI2651d ago

Tweeps, we're aware of a code hijack on our website reporting it as malicious - we are fixing it ASAP!

From their Twitter.

TheBreezyBB2651d ago

I'm going to Dubai ( UAE ) after 2 days from now Nice!!

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The story is too old to be commented.