Castlevania or Castleroids?

Everyone's heard 1000 retrospectives explaining how Symphony of the Night revolutionized the Castlevania series, or read glowing reviews of it's hand-held successors…the vast non-linear structure, the thousands of hidden items, the "depth" of the RPG leveling system, etc, etc. This article not going to argue with Symphony of the Night's quality, however, it is going to argue that certain good elements of the series' gameplay were discarded and lost when the Castlevania series turned into Gothic Metroid.

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WafflesID3990d ago

huh This guy is insane. SOTN is a huge change in gameplay.

I grew up on the old castlevanias, don't get me wrong, and I have a special place in my heart for them, but was the same thing:
move, whip, jump, repeat.

And I sure didn't shed a tear when I didn't have to deal with starting a level over because something bumped me off a ledge. Granted the medusas in SOTN in the clock tower could get beyond frustrating, but it was a small part of the game.

Glad this guy isn't in charge of game design.