Final Fantasy XIII Had "Real" DLC, But Now It Doesn't

1UP: "The news is sad indeed for PS3 fanboys over there, but even the rest of have something to be a little distraught about: The dev team was apparently planning extensive downloadable content for FFXIII, but it all got cut."

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RememberThe3573024d ago

Square hates it's fans. Why would you not offer DLC for a game that sold what, 6 million copies? Even on a business side it would work out great. It's like they refuse to give the fans what they want.

jackdoe3024d ago

Square has a terrible production pipeline. I would imagine that if S-E did DLC, the wait for Versus XIII would increase by a year.

RememberThe3573024d ago

But that shows how inadequate their management is. The soul purpose of management is to manage, if there is a production issue it is their job to figure out solution not shimmy around the problems. That company has become so sad I feel bad for all the wasted talent they have. They could have done so much this generation but they have completely blown it.

Godmars2903024d ago

Fans of the actual series who own a PS3 or 360 outside of Japan?

The author is a douche. And a moron.

stonecold33024d ago

the ps3 version back 50 percent cut and there was no towns and no npc shops were all taken out of the game the game was gimped to me ff13 failed to live up to its hype from the 06 trailor everything the graphics were also downgraded shame square

T9X693024d ago

The PS3 version of FF13 was the superior version, it had nothing to do with the 360, if they wanted to add all that stuff in the PS3 version they could have, but they didn't. By your logic the 360 held back the PS3 version of Mafia 2 which is why the grass and various shadow textures were cut from the game then right? Its up to the developers on how much they want to implement in each version of the game, if they wanted to add all that stuff they could have easily done it and just made the 360 version have more discs. Don't blame the PS3 or the 360 for the laziness of the developers.

DigitalAnalog3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Here's the problem within your comparison: If you're talking about developer competency, then you are correct. Unfortunately, this is a case of a developer "hijack". FFXIII was immediately COMPROMISED the moment Nomura "left" the project regardless whether 360 is or not involved in the matter.

With that being said, I do not find it a coincidence when Nomura dropped the project as soon as FFXIII was discovered to be multiplat. Here are a few "key" points why:

1. Nomura stated that it was NEVER about the graphics but rather the amount of movement and space that was needed and he was very explicit that the PS3 was the only console machine to achieve it.

2. He wanted to implement a new fighting system that would replicate the battle's in Advent Children (You can view this sample in the FFXIII 2007 trailer). The idea was to make battle "seemless" with the gameplay and now he's bringing it back to FFv13 now that he took "over" the project.

3. Points 1 & 2 NEVER made it to FFXIII. Why is that? The answer: Nomura. No amount of graphics can change that.

Before I close the subject, you assume that the "superior" version was nothing more than a graphical difference rather than a "design" choice. EVERY Final Fantasy fan has the right to be pissed when the game wasn't designed the way it's supposed to be and we're really beginning to fear for the upcoming FFv13 as well. And even if your "multi-disc" solution is proposed, this is something developers are very very reluctant to do as there ARE royalty costs per disc.

It is quite sad, one of the many great games that could've lived up with it's potential simply because people like you justify it by claiming the game was merely comprised by graphics leaving the real story out to dwindle in the dust.

-End statement

Jazz41083023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

No its more like the ps3 held back the game itself as square is having trouble with the ps3 hence the delays on VS. and no demo at tgs plus the ddelay of the mmmo. If sonys system did not have to use the harddrive to play 90% of there games thanks to the slow gimpy bluray drive then this would be a non issue. If you dont believe me ask the devs as I work in the industry and talk to the studios about once a week and this is common knowledge but the ps3 is more powerfull in spots but it has alot of limitations to this power and thats the issue with any games that are not linear in development. i know many will disagree and if you do disagree then its more then likley you are like 90% of the ngn community and worship Sony and will not allow anyone to say something that could harm them even its 100% blantant obvious truth like this statment.

BlackTar1873023d ago

you come off as a guy who only wants to hate on one side of the fence. is there a reason why you come off like that?

i cant seem to find any posts that would clarify that perception in any other way then what is being seen obv. thru your posts.

BlackTar1873023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

reading your comment history is funny. no one believes a word you say and there is good reason for it. your post are clearly fanboyish hell 1/2 of them were deleted.

theres better things to do then pretend you know something that just so happens to go so perfectly inline with your opinion on the console war lol.

what a joke. i work in the industry i talk to SE all the time i bet you talk to valve all the time and who else? do you talk to Naughty dog or anyone on the other side of the fence that doesn't support your one sided view. lol you make me laugh out loud at my desk reading some of the drivel you type and then try and pass off as a industry insider lol.

acere3023d ago

square are waiting from ms and ther check book on VS

bobrea3024d ago

Honestly, who gives a shit? There's nothing to be upset about here. It's been out on 360 here for a while, and I'm pretty sure that most people who post on these boards don't live in Japan soo......

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