80°'s Gamer Girl tournament is under way

The first submissions to's Gamer Girl tournament have arrived. The first submission is now live on the site. This contest runs through August 31st so the heat is still on. You got to see this.

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zakupilot2563986d ago

Yea, Sony should use her to Sell PS3's. Thats so hot.

Antonio_Mex3986d ago

wow that chick is hot! I would love to " play " with her haha

sumfood4u3986d ago

Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

WilliamRLBaker3986d ago

that most girl gamers on these teams, either never played before they we're hired...or lightly did? but when hired they are all hard core gamers?

IT just seems like they are only in the game to make money...i've yet to see any girl gamers in these clans that are there because they've been playing games since kids...

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