The Big Hideo Kojima Twitter Controversy

Wrote Kojima along with this pic: "It's raining, so I'll have lunch inside Midtown." (Tokyo Midtown is the location of Konami's headquarters.)

Is this supposed to be some sort of tease for next week's Tokyo Game Show?

Unfortunately, no. Kojima had actually wanted to upload a picture of his lunch, something he does quite often (too often, some would say).

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mantisimo2967d ago

.....But I completely miss the point of this "news" item.

DORMIN2967d ago

Being a god, Kojima had a Victoria's Secret model for lunch that fateful day...

He realized human beings and children are the ones following and watching so he decided to post a picture of food.

UltraNova2967d ago

As mush as I respect Kojima San I cant stop thinking that he snapped somewhere along the course of creating the story in MGS games! :p

Just kidding! Or not?

DarkTower8052967d ago

HK is an attention craving diva that needs to always be in the news. I can't stand him, but...he does make some great games lol.

Eamon2967d ago

This article is full of win.

IcarusOne2966d ago

Just another slow day here on n4g...

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The Dark Knight2967d ago

ahhaha what a legend. People need to lighten the hell up

ExplosionSauce2967d ago

True. Kojima has a history of messing with peoples heads, ever since MGS1.

djfullshred2967d ago

Wow, Twitter comments about mundane daily activities are sooooooo very very interesting.


NewNameNow2967d ago

I unfollowed Kojima for that reason. He posts about 20x an hour and there's always some obscure picture of food, people, or like a piece of gum he stepped on while walking down the street.

MasterChief36242967d ago

But that's what makes Kojima's twitter awesome.


ExplosionSauce2967d ago

Isn't that what Twitter is about?

DarkFantasy2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

I bet that was Duke Nukems Gum :) Duke must of spit it out while he was kicking ass XD

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Hoje03082967d ago

Is this TMZ? Seriously, pointless article is pointless.

Ilikegames762967d ago

the picture of the lady came from a Vietnamese website.

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The story is too old to be commented.