Top Ten Video Games of All Time

E4G: With PAX over and new games announced it's time for the DoTa/E4G editors top ten video games of all time.

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Poseidon2991d ago

1. uncharted 2
2. legend of zelda oct
3. mario 3

dkblackhawk502991d ago

A good list, Uncharted 2 was indeed a great game. Had all the aspects and a GOTY award :P (If my memory serves correctly)

dkblackhawk502991d ago

meh....someone is being a rogue disagree artist again...

GWAVE2991d ago

I'm very glad to see some PC games on that list. I get tired of seeing the same ol' console-only Top 10 lists (not that consoles are bad).

will112991d ago

ima let you finish but bungie had one of the best games of all time. (Halo 3)

Dandy2991d ago

Even as a man who loves Halo 3, that game is not anywhere near a top ten games of all time list.

inveni02990d ago

I would have to separate my list according to genre in order to get a good top ten. But, if I had to couple them all together:

1) Uncharted 2 - because it's the pinnacle of entertainment
2) Super Mario Bros. 3 - because I can still pick it up and play it for hours at a time
3) Half Life 2 - because in a world where graphics determine acclaim, HL2 is still a blast

But there are tons of other games I love that follow RTS genres, Racing genres, etc. It's not fair to leave some of those out just because they're not the same experience as Uncharted 2.

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Agent-862991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

They should have done separate lists for each editor instead of showing all their picks grouped together with all the #10's, all the #9's, etc. There are probably 30-40 different games in the list and showing each editor's list separately would have been easier to follow.

TheLastGuardian2991d ago

and also They should have only picked 1 list of 10 games.

Wobbuffet2991d ago

Anyone who makes a top ten list is playing with fire, when you make a top 10 best games list then you're gonna get burnt.

If you play with fire you will burn, so remember every lesson that you learn.

x5exotic2991d ago

Uncharted is good.... but not even good enough for its decade,let alone gen,let alone Of ALL time....

Aleusia2991d ago

Talon needs to expand his tastes.

dkblackhawk502991d ago

Do you expect it to be all next gen games? and it is just a personal opinion.

Aleusia2990d ago

lol no, all the dude seems to play is shooters.

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asgharagha2991d ago

i think most addictive games are somehow best games and for me it was cannon fodder and magic carpet and plants vs zombies

tdrules2991d ago

NEWSFLASH: Not everyone likes the same games

guitarded772991d ago

That's why I like this list... none of those guys had the same games I would have listed, but it just goes to show how subjective it is. What's great to me may be totally different to someone else. Really enjoyed the read.

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The story is too old to be commented.