Xbox 360 Elite Launched in India cost 853$

Xbox 360 Elite Launched in India cost Rs. 34,990 = 853$

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dale13444d ago

it will melt with the heat out there

sjappie3444d ago

only the "elite" can afford one at that price.

stunt2133444d ago

wow 835$ for an unreliable piece of hardware

HundredProofSam3443d ago

even my indian standards, the price is pretty costs the same as the ps3....the premium xbox 360 costs $650

killercam193443d ago

when ps3 just launched it costed about $100,000 Jamaican which is about $1470 US for a ps3 but its a bundle that comes with 10 games a extra controller and an extra charge cable price was still jacked up and it sucked that game stores were selling it like that.