Halo: Reach Midnight Launch locations and last-minute deals

Ex: What is likely the biggest launch event of the year is happening next Tuesday, September 14 with the release of Halo: Reach for the Xbox 360. Don't get caught wondering if you missed the best deal on the game and where you can pick the game up as soon as stores open at Midnight on Monday night. We've got a round-up of the best deals that you can find online and in-stores.

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LeeRoyJenkins3024d ago

Can't wait for legendary edition. Maybe I'll buy the Halo Reach Xbox 360 with controllers and maybe also one of the new edition controllers. Man Xbox 360 is sooo worth the money.

DarkBlood3024d ago

only agreed cuz i like KFC :P

Queasy3023d ago

LOL. Bubbles for you.

3023d ago
Shawnzee3023d ago

Reach will be amazing.

P.S. KFC sucks.

T9X693023d ago

You don't like Killing Fat Chicks? What's wrong with you!

DeFFeR3023d ago

Best use of your one bubble!

I'll try and bump you up to #2!

Sitdown3023d ago

the best deal was ordering at Wal-Mart before they got the I also got the $20 credit.

BeaArthur3023d ago

I don't wait in line for video games, not even Reach. I will be picking it up the next day however and probably spend half the night playing it.

Bnet3433023d ago

It's fun if you're going to have an all-nighter with a bunch of friends. Driving there to buy the game, being goofs, etc. Good times he he.

KratosGirI3023d ago

A friend of mine already has some copies ready to sell on the 13th at midnight (14th) which is around 17:00 EST.

m-s-8-23023d ago

Best deal I found was a pre-order on $44.99 and free 3 day shipping.

Queasy3023d ago

Yeah, that deal is dead though. $59.99 + free shipping now.

K-Mart has the best deal right now if you have a store near you and can hit them up early Tuesday morning.

DeFFeR3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Actually, BestBuy has the best deal

$59.99 for the game
Free $20 Gift certificate
Free 500 Bonus Reward Zone points ($10 value)

EDIT - I don't see anything about a K-Mart deal anywhere... link?

EDIT 2 - Googled it.

The second $25 is on a list of specific games, none of which are exciting. Plus, the $25 towards another game has to be used between 9/14 and 9/18 - which means that after spending $60, I have to spend $35ish again within 4 more days...

Queasy3023d ago

Use the $20 gaming coupon too and it is only $10 more. Basically almost getting a second game free.

Guess it really depends on if any of the other games interest you.

DeFFeR3022d ago

But you still have to spend more money 4 days after plopping $60 down - for some people this is unreasonable, and the $25 goes to waste.

These are both great deals, don't get me wrong.

Best Buy seems the better deal for those with limited spending capabilities, and KMart seems the better deal for those people who have extra money to spend, and also find one of the listed games appealing to them and worth the extra $10.

HOSe3023d ago

black ops sells more copies day 1 duh

PS360PCROCKS3023d ago

and is forgotten in 2 months with it's mediocrity.

RH063023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Not when you can spend a bunch of time making maps.

DirtyLary3023d ago

hardly. Nice try though. Both will be epic regardless.

PS360PCROCKS3023d ago

epic? cod, epic? Lol epic failure maybe. Guaranteed the online is broken again. MW1 was epic, no COD since has been epic.

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The story is too old to be commented.