New Dead or Alive: Dimensions scan

A brand new scan of Dead or Alive for the 3DS has surfaced, showing the first screenshots since E3.

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-Mezzo-3017d ago

to me it doesn't look that good, but i sure hope it plays better.

EYEamNUMBER13017d ago

im trying to care about this but im just not a fan of DOA games the last one i bought and payed was the volleyball game damn what a boring piece of shit

still though that's looking pretty good for some blurry scans

deadreckoning6663017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

@Mezzo- Those are graphics are for a portable console..and u think they aren't impressive? Well, its cool. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To me, the graphics are unbelievable for a portable. The fact that it'll look even better in person is already blowing my mind.

@above- DOA has always been the best and most entertaining 3D fighting franchise in my eyes. The volleyball games were for hardcore fans...and pervs lol.

ABizzel13017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

I just couldn't get into DOA at all. I wanted to like it, because of the characters, but the gameplay was not for me.

It's good that the 3DS is getting support, but I won't be getting one anytime soon.

matey3016d ago

well its 3D and 3D smoothes out them jaggies because of the 2 overlapping images i read it in nintendo magazine ect but there are no jaggies on this scan wow them graphics are amazing the game has clothes physics wow wow thats not easy to do on a game like this and the models look as good as 360 models wow people on here are blind

Valay3017d ago

I can't complain about the graphics... I have a feeling we'll see a lot of pretty 3DS games.

ABizzel13017d ago

The gamecube had a lot of great looking games, and the 3DS is a 3D gamecube.

GVON3016d ago

No,Kojima has said they were using PS3 level models in the MGS demo at E3.not possible on a cube.

"Overall, Kojima was pleased with the response the demo received at the press event and on the show floor, but he did have some reservations. "The thing is that it's hard to get a lot of feedback from players, because only so many of them could physically play the title at the event," he said. "I was hoping to shape our future direction for the game based on more of their opinions. Also, the maps and character models were all remade with a higher polygon count than before. The models are about the same quality as what we made for the PlayStation 3, but you really can't tell within the game. We could've made it look better if we had a little more time."

matey3016d ago

not really its got alot more under the hood like shaders right out the box so no impact on memory for shaders means shaders get used alot more it has a rumoured Armada 600 quad core cpu as well as the picca 200 that can do 40 million polygons in game with dedicated shaders ect and thats with out the quad core cpu thats a new cpu on the market my guess that quad core cpu can do shaders and all that as well as more polygons ect very powerful system more like a wii 3D or a 360 3D in terms of the graphics u will see on this device

Godmars2903017d ago

I know its the true "console" king this gen, but still.

qface643017d ago

well besides this ninja gaiden and samurai warriors its not like they have anything else to put on the system

Athlon3017d ago

This may be slightly off topic, but are they making a Dead or Alive 5 for PS3? I remember seeing hints on the show floor schedule for E3, but that was a let down. I also didn't see it in the line up of game from Tecmo for TGS. I'm hoping there's something soon. Haven't played the series since DOA2: Hardcore on my PS2

EYEamNUMBER13017d ago

wasn't it already said that DOA5 would be coming to 360 and ps3

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