Blizzard's Pardo Hints at Warcraft RTS; Not Interested in Consoles

Blizzard's vp of game design Rob Pardo has revealed to GameDaily BIZ that a new Warcraft RTS will be "one of the ideas on the table" after StarCraft 2 ships. He also said that to bring WoW to consoles "would be a Herculean effort that would only take away from our ability to serve our current customers."

MMOs have yet to really take off on consoles. NCsoft is looking to change that with its exclusive deal on Sony's PS3, but if there's one MMORPG that most gamers would scream for on consoles, it would have to be Blizzard's phenomenally successful World of Warcraft, which now has over 9 million subscribers.

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MK_Red3987d ago

Oh God. I'm so tired of all these MMOs. Its time to bring back the RTS. They should have used "Wrath Of Lich King" as a expansion for WarCraft 3: Frozen Throne or for WC IV.

Bazookajoe_833987d ago

Maybe one of the best games ever, i hate that they did Wow instead of Diablo 3 =(

QuackPot3987d ago

SOE is dabbling more into finding a hit MMO for the Ps3/PC and I'm confident they find a substitute for WoW for the console within this generation.

Free Reign and The Agency will be just the beginning. It's a matter of time before Sony finds a AAA MMO. Then watch how fast WoW is ported to the console.

ktchong3987d ago

The reason Sony is moving its MMO's to Playstation is because Sony can't compete with Blizzard on the PC platform.

Playstation 3 is trying to compete with PC - that's PC - with its MMOs. Yeah, sure, good luck.

archpsyker3987d ago

dethroning WOW would be quite an accomplishment, yet I don't see any MMORPG doing it anytime soon. WOW has too much of a cult following and with Blizzards track record it's easy to see that they are playing their cards right.

But, just like Everquest there will eventually be another MMORPG to overthrow WOW sometime in the future. It might be from Sony, it might be from NCSoft, or some random 3rd party company. Who knows but it will take something really good.

I say we could use a Warhammer 40k MMORPG instead of Warhammer Fantasy, but that's just me.