Gamertell Review: Metroid Other M

Gamertell has posted a primarily positive review of Nintendo's latest Metroid game, Metroid: Other M for Wii along with an image gallery.

From the review:

"If you are a Metroid fan at any level and have not yet bought this, go for it. Despite my control scheme gripe, Metroid: Other M is a fun and innovative game. The graphics are impressive, the story is engaging and the action is a good combination of nostalgic nods and modern game play.

However, if you do not like long cut scenes and the idea of juggling your controller mid-game is not appealing to you, you will likely be too frustrated too early in the game to get much out of it."

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eagle212994d ago

I think some initial reviews didn't play through the game with enough time. Look at the biggest sites giving the great scores: Gamespot 8.5, IGN 8.6, Eurogamer 8, Edge 8, Joystiq 9, Famitsu 9/9/8/9 and now I have seen many sites with B+ or A-. Metacritic is 80...the game is solid. :)