Quebec government wants more French games

An article regarding French Canadian games and development - both EA and Ubisoft (Montreal) are referenced. Hit the link to learn more.

Quote: "Part of being Canadian is having an understanding of the French part of our culture: specifically, Quebec. Or at least that's what my Montreal-born father would have me believe. To be fair, when it comes to gaming, Quebec-especially Montreal-has made some noteworthy contributions. Both EA and Ubisoft have big presences there, including the studio that happens to be working on this tiny, unknown game called Assassin's Creed."

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bym051d4055d ago

What? They named the main character of FFX after the biggest French sports star of all time. What more do they want? ;)

RadientFlux4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

aren't most games that are released in Europe translated to French

and yes I know Quebec isn't in Europe but they could pay developers re-release the game in Quebec and just use the French version created for Europe.

Chris3994055d ago

I wanted to thank everyone who approved the post thusfar. I find the social/political aspects of gaming as a culture much more interesting than the usual 30 vs. 60 fps, KZ2 vs. Halo, my d*ck is bigger than yours tripe.

Bubbles for you all!

- C

crippler6664055d ago

Okay I am going to get it in b4 anyone else:

Medal of Honor: The French Effort.

Germany invades: France "We Surrender" and then wait for America and England to come and liberate them.

Should be a well fun game (j/k)