PSNStores PAX Impressions: Kung-Fu Live

Eric G writes: "There were a hell of a lot of games set up in the exhibit hall at PAX 2010. In one corner, nestled next to a Dance Central exhibition, was a tent showing off PSN exclusive Kung Fu Live. Chris set up an appointment with the Kung Fu guys and we got a chance to experience the game hands-on (or hands-off, rather)."

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alphakennybody2813d ago

the devs should try to incorporate the move as a way of wielding weapons.


Should be good. But they said probably they will add it in Kung Fu Live 2.

Bigpappy2812d ago

and Kinect games are bad. I got it. Wow!

smoothdude2812d ago

I wonder if the PS3 Eye needs the same room to play as Kinect. It would be totally awesome if you could play this in a room less than 10 feet big.

rdgneoz32812d ago

@Bigpappy Its an ok game, but at least you don't need that $150 Kinect camera to play it when a $30 PS3 Eye can do the same. And for Kinect games being bad, where is any form of a hardcore game for Kinect (not saying Kung-Fu Live is hardcore at all), I'd really love to see one.

As for the game itself, looks interesting. Wonder how much it'll be.

Lou-Cipher2812d ago

This is good because it is a $10-$15 PSN game not a $50 game. If Kinect games were priced at around $10, then maybe you would have something.

Oh yeah, and this game actually works. Kinect games dont.

whothedog2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )


Why you bringing up Kinect in a PS article, geez you 360 fanboys are relentless!

just kidding

And yes this game looks cool and I am not interested in anything Kinect has shown yet... It's my opinion.

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psnstore2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

They do, I didn't record it but at one point some guy was using a poster as weapon. It will work with small objects, possibly a bat length in size. The move would probably work, it would just be small ;)

alphakennybody2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

nice to know but what I mean't was overlay the move with a weapon like it does in this tech demo(skip to 3:00, the sword)


That Stage gonna be interesting in my room.

Lazyeye792812d ago

The camera guy isn't that good. They should have gotten someone else to record this. Besides that this game looks pretty good. For $15 I may get this.

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