Will Duke Nukem Forever be worth the wait?

After being in development for over 13 years, it's finally time for Duke to return. But after so much turmoil, will his latest explosive adventure be worth the wait?

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Mista T2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Its pretty much impossible because of the waiting time, but.........
always bet on the duke :P

I expect the game to be very good and for it to be some good old fashioned fun :)

CatGlue2990d ago

Waited since I was a little kid for this, I think it will sell well no matter what it will end up like. It is a part of everyone's gaming history man.

Gaetano2990d ago

I'm not so sure the younger gamers will appreciate it as much, or know much about the game's history.

Gaetano2990d ago

I think Broussard's ambition either worked incredibly in the game's favour and we're going to be blown away, or he's completely killed it and the game is going to suck beyond belief. I don't think it can be in between.

CatGlue2990d ago

2K's titles are generally good.

Come and get some! Always LOL at his quotes.

Mista T2990d ago

randy pitchford (founder of Gearbox) at PAX said that Broussard has like a "shit filter", he knows when a game sucks and when its awesome. the reason the game took so long is because Broussard wanted to make the perfect game.

alphakennybody2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

I think this game can only disappoint in the end, The titanesque hype and expectations behind it is just impossible to meet. just my two cent.

@ below: lol probably.

Mista T2990d ago

and if the hype is met? the world collapses between your feet and a black hole is created :P

Gaetano2990d ago

And then he'll wait for Duke to rescue him :P

TheDarkGuyv3r2990d ago

This would have to be spectacular to impress, there's a lot more competition out there now compared to when this game was announce many moons ago.

Pilkingbod2990d ago

One of the biggest stories in VG history.
It won't be great, but the legacy of 'Duke Nukem Forever' be talked about for years to come.

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The story is too old to be commented.