Six famous vaporware games and the devs that should take over

GamerTVNetwork, after hearing about Duke Nukem Forever going to Gearbox, thinks that this is actually a pretty good idea; take a vaporware title off one dev's hands and give it to another, a group that has the wherewithal to churn out the product, and a quality product at that.

GamerTVNetwork can think of a few other games that could use that treatment.

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RememberThe3572967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

I'd have to say Ghost and Black Mesa would be games I would want to see. I wouldn't really care about the others. But I was hotly anticipating Ghost and was crushed to here it got canned. I really wanted that game to be a part of my collection.

NamelessTed2967d ago

Guitar Rising doesn't need to be made. Harmonix is essentially doing what that game wanted to accomplish with Rock Band 3. The game allows you to play it with the standard guitar controller that we are used to, but also a 100+ button controller or even a special real guitar that you can plug in to the game and play. On top of that, they have added a whole new layer to drums and also have the keyboard to top it all off.

As far as Starcraft: Ghost, Ubisoft can't make the game. Blizzard is part of Activision. The only way a non-Blizzard team could ever develop the game would be if it was an Activision owned studio.

I definitely want to see Black Mesa finished but last I heard, they are still working on it. No need for anybody else to take over.

Tuxmask552967d ago

I remember seeing Guitar Rising at CES a couple of years ago then...poof. Nothing.

JoelR2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

on Bethesda doing Infinity: the Quest for Earth
they tend to make the place seem huge by hand placing events etc into small areas... Their expertise is in a different area then Infinity would require.

Aleusia2967d ago

No mention of Wardevil?

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