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KratosGirI3019d ago

Pokemon got a perfect score??!?


-Mezzo-3019d ago

I knew it, will get it for sure. =]

inveni03018d ago

I totally believe that it might just be perfect FOR WHAT IT IS. But I don't think it'll be better than Uncharted 2. That's MY 10/10.

johnthe5th3018d ago

You can't beat the pokeymans!!

Can't wait!!

Xulap3019d ago

Time to get a Nintendo DSi and forget about adulthood. Gonna relive those good ol' Pokémon times with Black/White!

Cheeseknight283019d ago

Eh, I have, no lie, bought every single main Pokemon release to date. Emerald, Platinum, and HG/SS included. But... B/W hasn't shown anything to really excite me yet. I liked the concept of one flagship Pokemon "set" every console, they've changed that, and I don't think it was for the best. I would have much preferred a 3DS Pokemon title.

It'll take more scores to change my mind. After all, Famitsu gave FFXII a 40/40, and FFXIII a 39/40. I disagree with quite a few more of their perfect scores too, like Monster Hunter Tri (Good, maybe great, not perfect though), but those are the major offenders.

Lets-Game3019d ago

i used to play and enjoy pokemon soooo much, but now i got older :(

Agent Smith3019d ago

The future is now old man.

Bereaver3019d ago

Well, the only reason why it get's me out at my age is that.....

Long ago, going up to your friends and shouting... LEVEL 50 CHARIZARD!! YES!!!! But imagine doing that now. It just doesn't feel right.

qface643019d ago

so? i got older too everyone got older my age isn't gonna stop me from enjoying pokemon don't see no reason why it should

Lets-Game3018d ago

its not that I stopped playing it, i just dont enjoy it as much as I did before. when you mature you feel and see things differently. when you are 6 you enjoy toy cars when you get older its just not fun anymore. the only conclusion is that you didnt mature yet or you are just a manchild if you still getting so hyped up about games that are clearly made for 8-16 year olds. nothing wrong with those games thought fuck i wish i could spend 10 hours straight playing pokemon gold but now I enjoy games like demon souls its all good you lose one thing gain another.

Naughty Dog3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

I'm 19 and I've played them all Blue-SS! Gonna get this day 1 like I always did with the main Pokemon Games.

It's great that it got a perfect score but Famitsu are throwing them around. Maybe to hype up the game? but then again Pokemon doesn't need to be hyped because they already fly of the shelves.

VinnieMac3019d ago

You can never be too old to do something you enjoy. Other people don't need to know what you're playing, and even if they do, who cares?

EYEamNUMBER13019d ago

actually i believe a LARGE portion of the pokemon fanbase is 17 and up

WildArmed3018d ago

Yeah, I'd even take it up a notch and say they are 19+

Most of my friends are really excited about it.. mainly since they were fans of pokemon back in 1998. Oh, good times.
Honestly, I lost interest in pokemon after Ruby (or was it something else? the ones w/ Hoho and Lugia in it) came out.
Havn't really had any new interest in it since. But yeah, Alot of my friends still regard pokemon RPGs as one of the best RPG genre series

kingdavid3019d ago

Cant see why age is a reason to not enjoy a game.

Im pretty sure everyone still plays Mario and Donkey Kong.

eagle213019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

This is EXACTLY how I feel about playing any game including Pokemon if it interests me. I even remember this ad in the early 90's as a kid.

3019d ago
Nihilism3019d ago

I got older too, but the games are timeless.

People think many console RPG's are deep in terms of technique and stat

Dragon Age skill example:

"Increases blood magic".......HOW?!?!?!?!

Pokemon is the most complicated game of rock paper scissors many types are there...20?, some are good against others, weak against others, don't effect others...then there are those that have a weakness against their own type, some that are good against another type, but the opposing type is not good against it, or vice versa.

+ you have the special/physical stat and the special/physical move type balance.

Then IV's and EV's ( individual values and effort values )...used in calculating a pokemons stats...

Move secondary effects, like 50 status effects including evasiveness etc.

Pokemon can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be. I'm 24 now, I'll be buying a 3DS when this game drops for sure. I will keep doing so as long as the games are good...and they are always getting better


DOn't famistsu hand out 10/10's like they were free candy from a pedophiles van....i'm sure they game deserves it, but coming from them...of course they will give a japanese game on a japanese console a 10/10

DatNJDom813018d ago

Then I fear for the human kind. This is strictly my opinion and ur welcomed to disagree, but pokemon is definitely a kids game and one of the stupidest things I've seen in all my years of gaming.

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Valay3019d ago

Halo: Reach review is in the next issue for those who are interested.

kingdavid3019d ago

Ie. I dont own an xbox 360.

DatNJDom813018d ago

""I could care less"
Ie. I dont own an xbox 360."

If he/she owns a PS3, he/she doesn't need a 360.

Kluv3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

pokemon review, 10/10
(.) (.)


Surkov3019d ago

the check from Nintendo cleared...

Surkov3019d ago

I meant to put "I" instead of "I'm", oh well.

And to the 7 people who disagreed, you should all follow games industry a bit closer if you think the reviews from Famitsu are in anyway honest or unmitigated by some malevolent venture.

kaveti66163019d ago

It's never stopped poke'mon from being a fun game.

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