GOS: Mass Effect 2: Lair of the Shadow Broker Review

GOS writes, "Remember the old days when you could just slap Omni-gel on everything? Yeah, those were the good times, back when Liara wasn’t a revenge driven woman and when I didn’t know everyone’s dirty little secrets. Thankfully, the Shadow Broker made all of that possible in the newest, and best, DLC for Mass Effect 2."

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JaeKuro2991d ago

Hopefully when it's released on PS3, it does come with this DLC. Aside from the introduction that Bioware is adding to the PS3 version, this seems like it would make a lot of other things more clear.

Aloren2991d ago

It does indeed.... however it's not as important story wise if you don't have a chance to play ME1, since the Shadow Broker and Liara are nowhere near as important in ME2.
Still, it's a nice DLC. There's no reason for bioware not to release it on PS3.

Megaton2991d ago

I really wanna play it too. I had been borrowing my friend's 360 for about a year, had to give it back this past weekend. I just watched a playthrough on YouTube, looks fantastic. They made the identity of the Shadow Broker very interesting.

CharlesDCI2991d ago

Great review! Always wanted to know more about the Shadow Broker

Theoneneo812991d ago

Excelent DLC better than the last Stuff and cheaper too dont get often I hope they do a dragon Age Awakeining type deal for Mass Effect 2 Which ties in to 3 really good looking forward to see whats next.

dtrain212991d ago

It's my Game Of The Year so far

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