Disney Announces Major Blu-ray Disc Releases For 2008

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment announced today more innovations in the Blu-ray format with the Studio's first ever Platinum Blu-ray release, the Studio's first BD-Live title, and full motion picture-in-picture Blu-ray bonus features.

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eXplotion4016d ago

Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 FTW

boi4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

Please do not piss on the xbox...use the Loo lol

anyways Good for Blu-ray I guess

anh_duong4016d ago

yeah microsoft warranty only extends to rrod.. pissing on gpu will keep the xbox from over heating (watre-cooling) but it will short circuit the chips and anyways piss makes it smell bad.. not recommended..


People are calling this a war.

let see 50 companies vs 2 1/2

Odion4016d ago

Its ok, Disney is already bringing their line up of films to Xbox live so I am cool with Blue ray now.

Xbox 360 Will4016d ago

Shhhh don't tell anyone. Won't be announced till Sony unveils their plans for movies, music and more.

anh_duong4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

let's hope you have got a big hard disk (i.e. elite) since after four/five movies you pretty much got little else for games plus the movie is stuck on your xbox with no where else to go.. plus you will miss out on bonus features plus the quality will no where be near as good as blu-ray (sound and video).. plus you can't sell the movie on if you don't want it any more.. plus if your xbox breaks you might be screwed (or at least have to download everything again).. plus you sound way too much like sour grapes..

cdzie14016d ago

It’s funny they are announcing products for 2008, overshadowing their 2007 holiday releases. The Blu-ray group will do everything they can to try and convince the public to buy Blu-ray.

Well… almost everything. They have yet to finish the Blu-ray spec, nor are they talking about the soon to be obsolete Blu-ray hardware.

joevfx4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

they did finsih the blu ray sepc, hence the reason disney is releasing a timeless classic animated feature with Java live support.

and abotu "soon to be obsolete hardware" hahah did you actually say then when talking about technology? hahahah every peice of technologyu is obsolete the second it is released. there are over a million iphones out there that are obsolete. your 360 is obsolete. everythign is obsolete when talking about hardware

nomuken4016d ago

Its dead. Deal with it!

Xbox 360 Will4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

Don't try to convince him guys he's the 1 man army for HD DVD. He will be supporting it even after Toshiba and Universal abandon it. He'll be buying HD DVD's out of the bargain bins. HD DVD is Extinct!

HD DVD = HD DUD its a dud.

razer4016d ago

I hope they haven't finalized the spec yet. The 300 Blu-ray disc is complete garbage and has some major bugs in it.

I noticed Pirates of the Caribbean 3 wasn't listed.. did I miss that?? Maybe thats a holiday 07 release??

I will be to busy playing games to watch freakin movies anyways..

HD Movie downloads FTW!

XxZxX4016d ago

cdzie1, you do realize that you are the laughing stock when it come to format wars. You know that right?

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gsx-r4016d ago

Does Sony have any kind of licensing with blu-ray, as in if blu-ray does win out, microsoft in the future would need to pay sony to use blu-rau players in the xbox 360? Or is it open technology that microsoft would have free access to?

joevfx4016d ago

yes , Sony is one of the founders of blu ray, so microsoft would have to pay sony to use blu ray.

razer4016d ago

Actually the VC-1 codec that Blu-ray uses was made by Microsoft.. So they actually have to pay MS to use it. Not sure of the details but I find that kind of ironic.

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