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Kamikaze1353019d ago

In case the person reporting the story didn't know, Japanese developers always say that about exclusives. It means that it's the only console in mind when developing the game.

rockleex3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

He's only developing for the PS3.

But deep down he knows full well that Wada could force them to port at any time.

Chris3993019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Something about the game using the "full specifications" of the PS3; then they made it multi, and gave the 360 a "less specified" version I guess ;). So much double-talk in the industry these days.

With SE's track record, there's no reason for it not to be multi. I prefer exclusives as much as the next person, but I'm not setting myself up for disappointment.

P.S. NISA and level-5 are at least making exclusive JRPGs. TGS should be revealing.

Eamon3019d ago

Unless something was lost in translation, it's most likely coming to the 360 but the PS3 version is the lead platform and the 360 version is a port.

Dragun6193019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

I think your confusing Nomura for Yoshinori Kitase. Kitase was the one who claimed that they were using 100% power of the PS3. Nomura only made the Character Designs for Final Fantasy XIII.

But yeah, I really hope it remains a PS3 Exclusive and I was hoping Nomura would reaffirm on twitter now that he has one, but it seems we will have to wait til TGS when they release the trailer.

P.S. Nisa's president already hinted for Disgea 4 :D while Level-5 hinted they have another title hidden in their sleeves. Can't wait for TGS.

badz1493019d ago

"Game being developed with the PlayStation 3 in mind" - that's not saying exclusively for the PS3!

Darrius Cole3019d ago

e is selling it but I am not buying.

If the game is truly made with no consideration across multiple platforms, then it will be something that can not be easily ported without making huge and noticeable compromises.

We will know soon enough, if Versus ever does goes multi-platform then the geeks will be all over it. If Versus is truly made with no consideration of a port being made then we are going to see a Bayonetta-like port. If we end with obvious compromises being made to the primary game then we know that they considered a port at the game design phase, and that we are being lied to.

Army_of_Darkness3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

"All I can say right now as a developer is that Versus is being developed specifically for the PlayStation 3."

I'm happy to hear this because it sounds like he's gonna take advantage of the power of the PS3 as much as possible... so even though it ends up getting ported to the 360 a year later, we all know that the 360 didn't hold back development this time...
Kinda makes me wonder what the 360 version would look after using the ps3's max potential!! Hmmm..

ABizzel13019d ago

I don't know who's worse this gen Square or Activision.

UltraNova3019d ago

The game just like FFXIII started out on ps3 then probably a year or 2 in development the 360 port was ordered.

What happens then is a complete halt on the 1st platform in order to estimate the outcome of their engine and if it's going to be as similar from platform to platform. Then the 1st platform gets the stick and it gets changed (butchered?) for the sake of the newcomer.

This was obvious by the 25 hr linearity and the lack of towns and side missions on the most awaited FF game ever, mind you.

They will not risk releasing another FF on the 360 which is inferior to the PS3, I m sure MS took care of this.

TGS they will probably announce the game on both platforms for early 2012 release. In the best case it will stay as a 6 month exclusive and then released on the 360.

My only question this generation is, Sony has the money why dont they secure high caliber games like that? Yes I know they prefer spending it on their studios but when you talk about games which are international success stories like MGS and FF you should secure them in any way possible...

Soon we'll know..

Chris3993018d ago

Thanks for the correction, I knew it was 'someone' involved pretty high up in the production of XIII :) Thought it was this gent, was too lazy to Google.

But yeah, the point stands that people involved in the production of XIII did this exact same song and dance before. I think it would be surprising if it DIDN'T go multi at this point, especially seeing with the Japanese release of XIII (SE is probably using this as a litmus test to justify VS going multi).

Basically unless it's 1st/ 2nd party and made before 2010 (some stuff like ME 1 and MGS 4) or a niche JRPG (the development for these sorts of games has clearly shifted to the PS3 for home consoles) there's a 99% chance that it will be multi.

sikbeta3018d ago

Better SE don't screw one more sequel again, fans will not tolerate this kind of sh!t, I'm saying it, FFvs13 means redeem or grave to Fans....

ExplosionSauce3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

That's all I needed to hear.
I don't care if it goes multiplatform later on after Wada forces Nomura and his team.

raztad3018d ago

I have to agree with ExplosionSauce.

Furthermore, if game is developed fully taking into account BD storage, providing: fully explorable towns, original Japanese voiceovers, sidequesting. I dont see any problem if SE decides to port it to the xbox.

Millah3018d ago

I think it would be a bit naive to think at this point that Square won't port versus to 360. That's clearly something Wada and the other idiots running the company are salivating over. It's a shame, but reality. Just as long as the game doesn't get crippled in any way and is developed only with PS3 in mind, I'll be satisfied. But for some reason, I don't have enough faith in Square anymore to believe that will be true.

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Imperator3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

If this game goes multi I won't even bother buying it. Made the mistake with FFXIII and I refuse to buy yet another gimped game. There are dozens of other great PS3 exclusives to choose from.

Anyways, at this point it doesn't even matter anymore. Unlike MS, Sony doesn't rely on third party so loosing FFvsXIII would be nowhere near as bad as MS loosing ME2.

jwatt3019d ago

From what I'm hearing, this game is looking very impressive and if that's the case then Sony is not going to let this game go. From the beginning There's a reason why Sony chose FF VS for exclusives rights over FF13. Sony knows which version was going to be better and they should keep it exclusive.

ReservoirDog3163019d ago

That doesn't make sense. What if it actually is, despite being multiplatform, very very good? Exceeds every expectation and rivals the graphics, gameplay ect of every other RPG that came before it?

Would you still skip it just because it went multiplatform?

No Way3019d ago

Hahah, most of those people agreeing with him..
Prolly would still skip the game, if it went multi.

punkpop1013019d ago

Yeah don't buy it.We won't either because everything Square Enix releases sucks ass wherever the it is released.

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DigitalAnalog3019d ago

"Game being developed with Final Fantasy XIII in mind", you know, the one game that versusXIII was SUPPOSED to be.

-End statement

FACTUAL evidence3019d ago

Ok, I'm 100% sure VSXIII will be on the 360. After the announcement on FF13 going MP, I knew VS would share the same fate. I wouldn't even be surprised if VS became MP. FF13 sold over 1m units on the 360 alone. There's no way swendlenix is letting 360 go.

Imperator3019d ago

I really do think that Nomura is the only thing keeping this game exclusive, but unfortunately that's just won't be enough (or at least I don't think it will). Even if Nomura refuses to port it, SE will just find someone who will.

Guess we'll never have a true FF this gen.

Homicide3019d ago

"Guess we'll never have a true FF this gen."

Yeah, if it isn't a PS3 exclusive, it's not a true FF. Seriously...give me a break.

baodeus3019d ago


"guess we'll never have a true FF this gen."

guess you haven't play Lost odyssey by Mistwalker. That is the final fantasy for me this gen so far and it is the top JRPG for me so far this gen. Go try it, you won't be disappointed if you like JRPG game and especially FF like JRPG.

Schobeleth3019d ago

It has to be equal on all levels. The entire game has to compensate for both consoles. The thing is, if they are using the PS3's power and the blurays capacity to it's full potential, a 360 port is simply ridiculous. A maxed out bluray is 50gb, that translates to roughly 4-5 DVD-9s. Not only will that make navigating the world map impossible after certain points, but it will make it a hassle in regards to managing the media as well as the memory.

This won't happen because as we all know, Square Enix loves sacrificing quality for money these days. Instead of putting a shoddy port for it later on, giving people even more incentive to just buy the superior PS3 version (and in turn they lose money on their crappy 360 port) they're going to just butcher the entire game to fit onto one DVD-9, or maybe 2 at most. The game will be made more linear, portions will be scrapped, so on and so forth.

THIS is the reason why we want this game to remain exclusive so badly, after seeing what happened to FF XIII. The problem is that it seems like FF XIII was planned to be multiplatform for a long time after a certain point while Versus has been in development exclusively for the PS3, even before any of us have seen gameplay we have such high hopes it will be that much better from the reports of the gameplay, the world, the setting, the story, the music, etc.

I can promise you that if it goes multiplatform it won't be pretty. Seriously.

JAMurida3019d ago


It's pointless to even worry about something you can't even change man. If it comes to 360, it comes to 360. If it stays exclusive, it stays exclusive. I don't want to see it go multiplat either, due to seeing what happen to FFXIII with it being watered down and all, but SE is going to do what they want regardless of what we think... All we cna do is cross are fingers and hope for the best.

Obama3019d ago

Lost Odyssey has a 78 meta. I haven't played the game but I have a hard time believing that a 78 meta game is a masterpiece like you said.

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DORMIN3019d ago

Pretty much.

The fact that they need to mention it is a little fishy.

Natsu X FairyTail3019d ago

SONY LAMES Need to stop acting like FINAL FANTASY XIII VERSUS Will be a Great game because its PS3 exclusive.

What's the last GREAT final fantasy game yall played the past 5 years?

hmmmmm NONE.

case closed the tendacy wont change because the game is exclusive to sony's ps3. And nah I dont give a f1ck if it comes on Xbox it will still be a bad RPG like most of SE games lately.


Oldsnake0073019d ago

but the trailers look awesome

huzzaahh3019d ago

Final Fantasy XII was pretty great. I know it has created somewhat of a rift in the FF community, but I loved XII. It felt fresh and different from every other FF game before it (other than XI which I didn't play due to it being an MMO).

While XIII wasn't necessarily "great", it was decent. It was a good 40 hour diversion which is a lot more than most other games released this gen.

The issue with Versus going multi-platform is that it'll sacrifice a lot of time, content, and performance because the 360 needs multiple DVDs. It is guaranteed that Versus will be better as a PS3 exclusive than a multi-platform game because of the notable freedom of Blu-rays over to DVDs.

PopEmUp3019d ago

isn't that the same as all the ff, good trailer but shit when playing it, but I still hope it good as what the trailer shown

JD_Shadow3019d ago

So, you're saying any game would NOT benefit from having to only worry about one platform without having to worry about if something you want to do for the game will work on both systems?

And, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't people complain that a PS3 port of ME2 got announced? Why are those same people hoping for a multiplatform announcement for THIS game?

punkpop1013019d ago

Well said to the PS3 fanboys well said my friend.

Enate3018d ago

I disagreed with you on the point that FFXII was a good game I got to the judge fight and couldn't be bothered to go further. The story was slow and horrible laid out, the characters were flat, predictable and one dimensional just like FFXIII's characters. In the light of what the game could VS could achieve being a PS3 exclusive I agree with all the down sides you pointed out about going multiplatform on a title like this.

Capt-FuzzyPants3018d ago

Actually the last great FF in the past 5 years are FF4 FF7 FF9 FF10 FF Tactics and FF8. Not new in the last 5 years but thats the last time i played them.

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pain777pas3019d ago

get ready for the announcement. With Mass Effect gone for sure M$ would take this title. We'll see if the game is any good.

Jazz41083018d ago

The same thing is happening to portal. It gets delayed thanks to the ps3.

Sarcasm3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Who cares really? The 360 version will still be multiple discs and sub-hd.

Immortal3213019d ago

at least 19gigs on the 360's dvd disc, like halo reach

DatNJDom813019d ago

and port it to the 360. I hope they don't but I have a feeling it's gonna happen. SE if you port it I'm officially done with you.

DigitalRaptor3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

To be honest, I once cared about this situation. But if it happened, I would be slightly pissed off, and then I would still buy it. It's not as if Sony is lacking on first party exclusives that take my fancy.

If the game is being developed to the PS3's strengths, i.e. maxing a 50GB blu-ray, using SPUs specifically, the 360 port just won't hold a candle to the copy I will be buying Day 1. And that is enough for me.

However, if the game turns out to be comprimised to accomodate 360 hardware limitations, I will be furious.

DatNJDom813018d ago

Remember, FFXIII had ALOT of stuff cut out to make the experience equal on both systems. Thats why I'm pessimistic. I hope it doesn't happen. But if it does, it does I guess. It will be yet ANOTHER game that the 360 holds back. SMH

Thatguy-3103018d ago

seriously I wonder why everyone starts downing the game and saying they wont buy it and at the end of the day most of the people that are on forums posting that end up getting it either way.....I think thats why square dont really care about what most ppl think of the the decisions they make.. Example FF13 was a big let down for a lot of ppl and it still managed to sell a lot !!!!! IDK its the same case with activision ..PPl go on complaining on forums but the majority still buy many of the companies games

TheLastGuardian3018d ago

That girl in that pic is hot.

vhero3018d ago

Right now the official Dev has said its exclusive so end of. For now any way however this also means if it does get ported like with FFXIII 360 will get a terrible port. Thing is though they obviously haven't started working on a 360 version and considering the PS3 version is almost finished (it comes out in Japan in december) they would be starting it real late. As the 360 port of FFXIII (non versus) started mid way through the development of the Jap version giving them plenty of time to port.

Odin7773018d ago

Oh god damn it. I knew it would go multiplat but I was hanging on to a sliver of hope that it wouldn't. Oh well.

colonel1793018d ago

I just hope that if they ever announce the game to go multiplatform, it happens at a conference, so everyone in the room "booo" Wada and leave the room! and someone throw a shoe at him and say: You F**ing liar POS!

Is not the game coming to the 360 that bothers me, it's the fact that they reassure it would be exclusive, that they lie so cynically. At least they could have said: We will consider the option in the future, or something like that.

I read in Kotaku the announcement of XIII going multi in Japan, and they showed how many times Saquare Enix said that it would NEVER go Multi in Japan!

Come on SE.. they really really need to fire Wada already!

colonel1793018d ago

I think that what Nomura is refering to, is that he is making the game exclusively for PS3, but if then, Wada forces him to make it for the 360 it would be a port.

He is kind of defending himself for the imminent multiplatform announcement.

Meanwhile at MS, the POS Balmer is laughing his a$$ off at how his company is destroying everything it touches!

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N4GAddict3019d ago

I hope Versus is better than 13

Sandal3019d ago

If the game is still being made by Square-Enix anyways.

CaptainMarvelQ83019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

is different

zatrox3019d ago

No, he's not. He pulls angsty emo drama with nonsensical plots.

fourtwenty20093019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Why would you even need to say that unless it wasn't a PS3 exclusive anymore. It would be redundant. What other mind would a PS3 exclusive be developed in?

sounds like someone got bought out.

Damn you M$.

Faztkiller3019d ago

He didn't say PS3 in mind that just the way the description is on andriasang

Nomura: "All I can say right now as a developer is that Versus is being developed specifically for the PlayStation 3."

Elvfam5113019d ago

"right now" Key words

Best believe it might go multi-platform....

Eamon3019d ago

They weren't bought out.

Probably due to huge development costs. It's been in development since 2003 apparently and is going to be a HUGE game.

Immortal3213019d ago

then I can predict the next 10 years is full of corruption, visible corruption. not that secret corruption that business tends to hide, but that plain in your face butt rape corruption.

since you guys support developers decision of money is more important than us gamers.

No Way3019d ago

Lol, yes.. cause "M$" buys out everyone and every game.

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gintoki7773019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

maybe it was a translation error? =) hopefully microsoft did not taint another game with potential

plus square enix have neglected sony so bad lol

swiftshot933019d ago

This is pretty much a confirmation, nothing to be surprised about though. This would also mark the last third party exclusive for PS3 to go multiplatform.

The game looks really badass and could turn out to be amazing, Im just waiting for KH3 though, thats all I really want from SE.

Darrius Cole3019d ago

Metal Gear Solid still third party exclusive.