Apple And Onlive The Next Big Deal In Gaming, The Future Is Close

Onlive is the system by gamers for all gamers, but they are missing Exclusives which is about to change. Onlive with Apple may be the next combination we see in this industry to offer exclusive game content, retro games, and today’s next generation games all on one platform.

Stay tuned and watch how Onlive and Apple grow inside gaming together this interview shows alot

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omi25p2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

you did it again godamn it, i innocently look through the news see this and think its interesting click it and its you! damn you HHG thats twice in a row you have trick me to click on your trash.

tdogg060519912875d ago

I'm not buying online and paying for my games only yo have them taken away once I stop paying the monthly bill.

nycredude2875d ago

I seriously hope this fails.

Bigpappy2875d ago

You thimk the $600 PS3 was expensive. Just let Apple get in to the console industry and see what expensive really could be. Online only gaming is a long, long way off.