PSJailbreak blocked by PlayStation 3 firmware update, claim users

The latest firmware update for the PS3 reportedly knocks the infamous PSJailbreak out of commission, or so users claim. That hack, which uses a USB dongle to "trick" the PS3, allows users to play pirated as well as homemade games on the system.

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Poseidon2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

good news

and people should BUY there games! developers work real hard to make them.

Hydrolex2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

People in 3rd world countries cannot afford 60$ games, so I think it's fair if they have HACKS for the PS3 because Sales don't matter in those countries anyways... I mean comon, lets not be selfish ! Kids overthere have hearts too, have hopes to play games

but if you live in a rich country, F U, go work and pay

jneul2959d ago

people in third world countries probably still own ps2's just pointing out...

Koromaro2959d ago

Not to sound like a douche but how the hell did they afford a ps3 then?

SuperStrokey11232959d ago

Gaming isnt a right, its a luxury. If you cant afford it, too bad.

nix2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

hmmm.. i can't afford Ferrari... i guess it's fair that i steal it.

well... for the ones who bought the service - serves you right!

InfiniteRetro2959d ago

you're a complete dickhead. that doesnt give people the right to steal just because its third world. maybe if its third world they shouldnt be spending their time on gaming and working on how to better their life to get out of that third world.

Eamon2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

I'm sure any respected developer with an ounce of morals would not mind seeing a poor child from the third world play and enjoy their game for free.

djfullshred2959d ago

I don't know where you live, but even here in my "rich country" I did not need a video game to have fun when I was a kid. We made games out of everything. So sorry, I do not feel sorry for any kids that can;t afford a video game. They are probably better off without it.

As for the F U comment, you're not winning over any hearts to your cause.

badz1492959d ago

WTH did u just say? so somebody lives in a not so developed country, and they are allowed to steal? please don't run your mouth like you know the truth because u clearly don't! most of the time, pirates are the one making money selling these pirated stuff like pirated games and modded consoles and people are buying them due to it being cheap. some of them are not even aware that these stuff are illegal due to it being sold openly but in some countries, government are taking actions to combat these scum but their piracy network are proven to be too large to be taken out completely. what I'm trying to say here is, the ones doing this is not those with no money but rather those with enough of it!

Gilliand2959d ago

Wait what? Maybe those people should be focusing on things that don't waste their time like video games, and maybe they will become a second world country. Besides, I really doubt that those kids care about video games. Back when my family was poor I got one game a year for my Genesis and that made me love those games. If I got every game I wanted the personal value would have dropped. And, I didn't feel bad when every one else got what ever they wanted.

morganfell2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )


It isn't the poor kids from the 3rd world playing the games that are pirated. People are being naive to paint this picture of some broken hearted kid looking at game developers like they were the make a wish foundation.

It is those 3rd world companies where the games are pirated and shipped out to the developed countries or else pirated and put up for download so persons in developed countries can snatch them off the internet. That peter pan scenario is fantasy.


First world is overrated... China not only produce mods but also have many people running pirated games and it's the most wealthy and developed country right now. And what is this 3rd World stuff anyway. I here thinking we all lived in the very same world! You guys mean UNDERDEVELOPED COUNTRIES... And just so you know, it's a pretty globalized world now, there are people on all economic level in anywhere. Just like there are people to poor to buy videogames in developed countries. In both cases, families that poor usually don't have the time to care about videogames. If you relate piracy to poverty, piracy should be way more common in fully developed regions were poor people are in contact to games... Games aren't that advertised in underdeveloped regions.

For sure games cost a lot for the average Joe in an underdeveloped country, but they are still accessible. What isn't usually accessible is to buy 10 games a year. People in here (ok, Brazil hasn't been considered underdeveloped for 20 years or so, but it's problems with unbalanced wages gives me a good idea cause the poor population is bigger than in other countries in development) that want to buy a console have to save money more time (1 year or so), but those able too do it obviously can save to get some games twice a year or more.

Some people argue it's unfair how people somewhere else can get 20 games a year... But back on the Nes, Master System, Genesis/Mega Drive and SNES times, were piracy was practically zero here and gaming was really popular here, it was exactly like that and no one complained! I myself had collect 8 SNES games in around 5 years... Actually it was different, there were rental game stores all around but after PS1 piracy, people were too "smart" to pay for it and all those stores went out of business.

Next time you want to picture a pirate from 3rd world in your head, don't think of a starving ethiopian kid with flies on its eyes and a DS3 in the hand. Think of a greedy teenager boy that is too lazy or too naive to work around his money limitation but still want to have everything regardless of consequences for him or others.

morganfell2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

bishop, I agree with a great deal of what you said. And China has immense wealth. They are an economic juggernaut with which the world must reckon. But taken on the whole, they are hardly the most developed country.

AssassinHD2959d ago

People in 3rd world countries, who cannot afford $60 games, should probably worry about buying food instead of game consoles. Just because you can't afford a game does not mean you are entitled to play it for free.

That is a major problem in the world today though. People feel entitled to pretty much everything that they want.

inveni02959d ago

People who are starving have my permission to steal bread if they can't find someone to give it to them. If you're so concerned about little orphans being able to play games, then why don't you start a foundation for providing them with such things?

DeadIIIRed2959d ago

I'm sorry, but I couldn't help it. The reason they're called "third world" comes from the Cold War. US and NATO being the first world, USSR and Warsaw being the second, and technically neutral (also mostly impoverished) nations being third. Sorry for the history.

Anyways, buy your games. Some third world countries have much lower prices for technology anyways, but they'd rather spend that $30/month on stuff like food.

Drac2959d ago

Considering the state of most 3rd world countries, I'm pretty certain they're not spending their time downloading pirated games for their PS3.

I think bishop-br said best about who's behind the majority of Piracy.

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ThanatosDMC2959d ago

Did anybody else notice the weird update when it was installing? The numbers and everything else look so weird and blocky.

Max Power2959d ago

Don't worry about that, that has happened every single update that I have downloaded. It only happens on the install.

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Hanif-8762959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

I mean why would you see an update mean't for security issues and update? people are really dumb nowadays. lol

WiiPS3beats3602959d ago

Lol "mean't" I can really see people ARE dumb nowadays
anyways that's good ps3 now unhackable again before it got out of hand good on Sony

RememberThe3572959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

He misspelled something! He must be mentally restarted. No one who is smart ever makes mistakes.


lokiroo4202959d ago

Let's count the grammatical errors in the grammar nazi gow9903's comment. I'll go first and state that lol is not a word.

djfullshred2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

You guys have it all wrong. People that do spell & grammer check for us are not Nazi's. They provide a service on the Internet, so we don't have to do this for ourselves. They are compelled to be our servants.

Now get back to work grammer servants! There are lots more posts for you to read & correct. Quit slacking on the job!

Gilliand2959d ago

It should be L.O.L. "mean't," I can really see people are dumb nowadays; anyways, it's good that the PS3 is now unhackable again before it got out of hand. Good one Sony!

Disclaimer: being a grammar Nazi and not having correct grammar probably just happened above.

Tommykrem2959d ago

"I can really see people ARE dumb nowadays
anyways that's good ps3 now unhackable again before it got out of hand good on Sony"

Before you find out that you want to be everyone's spell-check fascist you should learn to put together a proper sentence. Start by not taking the title of ben "yahtzee" croshaw's show as a grammar advice.

That's a nice thought :)
But GoW9903 should be fired for calling his employees dumb.

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tiamat52959d ago

Heard there was a way to bypass it and use the system on 3.41 without updating. Is that true or not?

DarkTower8052959d ago

of course you can still use the jailbreak, but you can't log online without updating. Surely enough many jailbreakers will stay offline till there's a workaround 3.42.

Mr Logic2959d ago

You heard correctly. The Logan5 proxy hack allows you to log on and even play games online without updating. But if you use this with a PSJailbreak game then Sony can likely track you and ban your console.

Eamon2959d ago

Yeah the Logan5 hack can let you play online with 3.41. This hack has been around since the days of Geohot.

I have no idea if Sony have banned users using this hack though. Or if they are able to detect it?

lokiroo4202959d ago

The work around is the same thing geohot tried to use and for some reason it is back up. It will be down again in a day or two at most. After it was shut down the first time, geohot retired ;)

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Whoooop2959d ago

Well all Sony is doing is keeping people from playing online... There will be a way to keep playing pirated games on the PS3 offline. Just like you can on the 360.

Now that there's an exploit, ways will be created to bypass updates and play ripped games offline.

Just saying...

jmare2959d ago

That's only if the people have the jailbreak or one of it's clones before the update hits. The number of people who have this isn't a large as some people make it out to be. For example, the original, "Official" PSJailbreak is illegal to sell, and not everyone is tech savvy enough to build one on their own.

This also ignores in what way the exploit was defeated. I have said from the beginning of this, if Sony is smart and they are able to, they should disable the USB ports during start up. That would kill this exploit because so far, no matter what version or device is used, the procedure for implementation is the same. If Sony did disable the USB ports during start up, then I don't see how they can work around this. And it takes a really dedicated motherfucker to not be able to use his console online at all just so he might have a chance of stealing some games.

There are some who will, but the number of people who have the exploit in their hands right now isn't as many as some people think. Besides, what good is an offline only console when most games have some online component to them?

evolution542959d ago

There are people who purchase an additional Xbox 360 to either dedicate it for playing online games purchased through legitimate means and another 360 to only play downloaded games. If you think about it, a PS3 only costs $300. A pirate would only have to pirate 5 games and he would have covered back the initial cost of the system. All games he/she steals from then on is all profit in his eyes. If Sony thinks that they can simply issue a small firmware update to patch up this fix, they would be sorely mistaken. Many users will risk not being able to play online just to pirate games. Or, like I said above, purchase an additional PS3.

As long as games can be continued to be copied onto the PS3's hard drive and played offline without the disc, pirates will utilize the jailbreak.

Whoooop2959d ago

The demand to download games is considerable... So you can be sure that many people will ditch PSN just to play PS3 pirated games.

Some will buy another PS3 just for homebrewing and pirated games.

If the exploit wins the war then you can be sure ways will be found to play any game no matter if it requires an update.

jneul2959d ago

I hate piracy and I am glad sony sorted this out real quick, I already have upgraded to the new firmware

VINNIEPAZ2959d ago

Oh No! It was patched!

Its over! Its all over! All PS3s that were at 3.41 are now magically upgraded to 3.42! Anybody who hacked their PS3, EVER, now is unable to hack it because EVERYONE installed the update! There is no way the PS3 can ever be hacked again because we all know 3.42 is unhackable! People certainly can't bypass the 3.42 update while still connecting to PSN over 4.31! This worked SO well on the PSP!

ash_divine2959d ago

actually that's KIND OF true. You do know that ALL retail models come with the latest firmware installed. so no new ps3s will detect psjailbreak(if this story's true.) That may not be defeating pirates completely but it's a big step. that means once the console you're using is banned THAT'S IT. bye bye jailbreak(again, if this is all true.)

and don't forget about the oblivious users who simply updated without knowing the contents of the update. This kills their chances of pirating.

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