MMGN: Voodoo Dice Wiiware Review

MMGN: Voodoo Dice is a puzzle game where you use a dice to solve puzzles on a grid obstacle course. It is offered on PSN, Xbox Live Arcade, Wiiware and PC and is based on a tried and true formula that’s been done before (Puzzle Dimension on the PC). The dice dimension adds enough to the game to make it worthwhile to play, as you use the dice to match up with numbered blocks in your path – which can be surprisingly challenging.

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CatGlue2937d ago

A dice game? hmmm Puzzle Dimension is good, but does voodoo dice work?

Jeannius2937d ago

It's pretty average, but still fun.

TheDarkGuyv3r2937d ago

A lot more good puzzle games out there to choose from.

kk13872937d ago

sounds like a good challenge. love the variety in the puzzle genre these days!