Glimpse Dog : Mass Effect 2 'Lair of the Shadow Broker' DLC Review

Toby Farren says "Ah Mass Effect 2, the game that keeps on giving. Probably one of my favourite games in recent years, Bioware's second entry into the Mass Effect series has been almost unanimously well received by gamers the world over. While the game has had no shortage of DLC since its launch earlier this year, 'Lair of the Shadow Broker' stands apart as a shining example of how future content should be done."

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TheLeprachaun2991d ago

The DLC is really worth in case you're wondering. PS3 fans will be in for a treat if this comes on the disc with Mass Effect 2.

coolbeans2991d ago

The stealth is strong in this one.

poopface12990d ago

2. who says it will be on the disk. Id assume all of the free cerberus content will be in the disk, but what makes you think that EA doesnt want to release paid DLC on PS3? Either way you should defiantly get it when it comes out on PS3, this is an amazing game.

This DLC is looking sweet, ill probably get it today.

TheLeprachaun2990d ago

Why would I be waiting for it? I already have the game and content. I merely said 'if' the content comes on the PS3 disc, they'd be in for a treat.

DaThreats2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

It will come to the PS3 with all the other DLC, that's why it will costs 60$

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Sony3602990d ago

Once again delivering top of the range quality.

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