Ironstarmovement Metroid: Other M Review

Ironstar Editor Alex Page writes: Back in 2009, we were all shown a trailer from Nintendo featuring one of our favorite bounty hunters Samus Aran. However, instead of continuing the Metroid Prime series, Nintendo deviated from the Metroid Prime series and went back in time to 1994 to officially continue the Super Metroid story

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TeenGoten2935d ago

Looking forward to this

bobcostus2935d ago

Ironstarmovement is a joke.

AmpedUP2935d ago

Glad to see you read the article shovelface88. Hope it inspires you to pick the game up.

Immortal Kaim2935d ago

Do you write for Ironstar Amped? Just letting you know that your site is really terrible. :)

bobcostus2935d ago

I won't give your site any more traffic than it already has. No offense to you as a person, but the people working for that site are not journalists.

TeenGoten2935d ago

@Immortal Kaim and @Shovel, damn guys you must be Ironstar's biggest fans, I see you guys commenting on their articles all the time

Kerrby2935d ago

Amped, don't worry most of us hate your website and hope it gets blacklisted.

Your website produces nothing but shit.

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AmpedUP2935d ago (Edited 2935d ago )

I respect your opinion that you don't like the site, but I am a college graduate and truly enjoy working with the people at Ironstar.

bobcostus2935d ago

I'm guessing that degree wasn't journalism, perhaps comedy?

NewNameNow2935d ago

This site blows serious ass

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SilentBlack062935d ago

The same reason why you are working hard to make Ironstarmovement look like it's not worth the effort, because of the style that's brought to the people that enjoy reading the articles.