Widgets Odyssey II Review (PS3/PSP) (DualShockers)

DS writes, "In Widgets Odyssey II, the fate of robot-kind is in the hands of five robots who have left their planet after it had been destroyed by the Cosmic Sneeze. Join Bruce, Cosmo, Helmut, Monk and Spad as they set out on their quest to overthrow the evil Yagor from his plan to annihilate the universe.

Throughout Widgets Odyssey II, you will play across five stages, each with their own set of puzzles to solve in order to progress to the next stage. During each stage, you will assume the role of one of the five robots, and solve your way through the levels’ many traps, enemies and mini-games to become one step closer to ruining Yagor’s mischievous plans once and for all..."

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