Game-breaking locked door glitch found in Metroid: Other M

Many players are experiencing a game-breaking glitch in Metroid: Other M which won’t allow them to progress through the game at a certain point.

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Corepred43019d ago

Luckily games today can be fixed. I used to hate playing a game where it would do something similar and I would have to reset the whole game.

Parapraxis3019d ago

You don't hear about Wii software getting patched very often.

goldensfree3019d ago

what are reviewers doing writing reviews about a game they cant even finish...

let alone mot mentioning this huge bug..

ExplosionSauce3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

I'm pretty sure the reviewers were able to finish the game. Otherwise they all would have mentioned the this bug.

It's a big, but doesn't seem to happen often.

[EDIT] Some people are reporting that this isn't a glitch and that you just need to explore more to advance.
I wouldn't be surprised if this is true. It's a Metroid game after all ;)

badz1493018d ago

how do you know they even finished the game? reviewers these days are racing to be the 1st to come out with reviews and many times their reviews are questionable!

Darkfocus3018d ago

the bug obviously doesn't happen every time. if it did the game never would have passed playtesting. plus I've beat it already...

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darkequitus3019d ago

Do Nintendo patch Wii games? I have absolutely no idea.
Patchable games is good this this gen, seeing how complicated games are now.

Darkfocus3018d ago

wii games aren't patchable

ChickeyCantor3018d ago

Yhes they are. Just depends on the developer.
Conduit 2 will use such system.

lonix3018d ago

Haven't finishe the game

AnonUser55553018d ago

I feel bad for the users experiencing this glitch...I imagine it's similar to the way I felt when God of War III kept glitching at the platform jumping/bridge turning part. I was NOT happy about needing to restart my GoWIII game.

ExplosionSauce3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

I don't remember that glitch. Must not be that common(hopefully).
Did you have to restart your PS3 whenever it happened? Or did you mean start a new playthrough all over again, cause that would suck.

AnonUser55553018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

I'm not sure if it got patched early on--there was a LOT of information about it those first few days. It was right before the whole sex mini-game part of GoW III. I definitely had to restart playing from the beginning; there was no way around the glitch. It was right after the Poseidon Princess scene. You name it; I tried it. There was just no way to use my save file and continue to progress.

Here's a link to the ps3 forums thread:

There were a LOT of glitches, especially early on.

Chidori3018d ago

Whoever actually thinks this is a glitch is just a retarded noob. Explore some more and you'll find your way through, thats what the game is about. I beat the game fine. I doubt my copy was "special".

Darkfocus3018d ago

a glitch just happens sometimes. in dead space near the very end of the game right after the guy helping you gets killed by the bull thing I encountered a glitch where a door was missing a power cell when it was supposed to be there. it wasn't a common glitch but I saw a few threads about it while searching the internet. I had to start the whole game over to beat it.

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The story is too old to be commented.