Keita Takahashi leaves Namco, calls it a 'so-so' company

Game design luminary Keita Takahashi, best known for the long-running Katamari Damacy franchise and the recent PSN/iPhone game Noby Noby Boy, has left Namco Bandai Games. His departure was confirmed to by a company spokesperson earlier today.

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PirateThom2748d ago

I think this may be the best thing he could do... he makes neich games and Namco probably weren't offering support. Needs somewhere his creativity can be better utilised but also directed.

N4GAddict2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

I think Sony or Nintendo should hire him

rockleex2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

If he can find ways to apply his artistic ideas in games, like Fumito Ueda.

But he can't.

Katamary Damacy was great, but he hasn't made any other games other than Noby Noby Boy.

And that game was just pointless. I think his concepts and ideas are too vague for games.

The great thing about Ueda is that although he's an artist, he's also a great director and can find a concrete path to do what needs to be done.

To get his message across without even using words.

gaffyh2748d ago

I think Sony should just offer jobs to big time developers like Kojima, Nomura and to a lesser extent Takahashi. That way they always have an option of going to Sony rather than having their games not made they way they want them.

Japan Studio would only benefit from these guys.

ActionBastard2748d ago

Japan Studio or bet yet, an SCEA or SCEE studio is where this man would excel.

yewles12748d ago

Maybe he can work with TGC... ^__^

jack_burt0n2748d ago

noby noby is just f**king out there! it really is, its just nuts the dude needs to stop sniffing so much glue.

Megaton2748d ago

As big of a Katamari fan as I am, I didn't like Noby Noby Boy at all. Just couldn't get into it. I liked the GIRL concept, and hoped that would be implemented into more games. I think Battlefield 1943 was the only game to do so, unlocking a new map after 43,000,000 total community kills.

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gauntletpython2748d ago

Based on his comments, its doesn't seem like he'll be going to any company. He seems pretty disillusioned with the industry as a whole.

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writersblock2748d ago

oh.... no!
Whos takahashi?

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