The 7 Most Tasteless Videogames

GamerSquad has tried to be as objective as possible here, listing games that most healthy-minded individuals would deem tasteless, regardless of their personal background. There's a mixture of well-known and obscure titles in this bunch, and while the team doesn't claim that this list is even remotely definitive, there can be little denying that the seven games listed scrape the very bottom of the morals barrel.

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ShiftyLookingCow4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

BMX XXX was a total [email protected] game. On top of being horrible, it brought unnecessary attention to the games industry

MK_Red4057d ago

Terrible article. Manhunt was tasteless!!??? One of the best psychological games of all time!? And what was wrong with Carmageddon?

They should have added Postal instead (I love the series but they're really tasteless).

Caxtus7504057d ago

how did the "ethnic cleansong" game get published?

A;ways puzzled me, but how come the rasist company isnt shut down, and the people arrested?

nirwanda4057d ago

and how did they manage to convince the publisher it's not the sort of thing you would go to nintendo with and ask them to stick it on the shelf next to mario

daftshadow4057d ago

rofl, those are some terrible games!