5 Worst Game Trailers Ever

These are some major stinkers. The 5 worst game trailers you will ever see.

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MiamiACR3017d ago

I think I'll drop my unused subscription to World of Warcraft and join a pack of wolves, mate, hunt elk, and howl at makeshift moon I made in my room out of paper, crayons and a lightbulb.

annexation3017d ago

Don't forget to piss on your bedroom floor.

SilentNegotiator3017d ago

ILLBLEED looks like an Adult Swim show.

Rise of the Robots looks like the world's most uninteresting game.

N4GAddict3017d ago

Those are some awful trailers

annexation3017d ago

Aye. 'Tis foul to thine eye's witness.

PirateThom3017d ago

Duke Nukem Trilogy... that cannot be real... it just... can't be.

Mac is OK3017d ago

I remember when that trailer was released I thought it was completely on purpouse, why would they otherwise stretch it for like 4 minutes, and what about that crotch close up around 3:20.

Acquiesce3017d ago

featuring the two knights that clash, resulting in one...bitch-slapping the other in quite possibly the whimpiest and most unintentionally hilarious confrontation ever captured in video gaming.

jack_burt0n3017d ago

"you'll sh*t with fear"


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The story is too old to be commented.