Quality multiplayer games causing a long-term drop in sales

Many game franchises, like Mario Kart, Halo and Call of Duty to name a few, are well known for their above average multiplayer experience. These types of games generally lead to hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of gameplay over the course of each games lifetime. The appealing thing about online play is that every game is different experience...

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Kurt Russell2959d ago

If you've got a title that's an average affair it only seems fair that it doesn't get the sales as a quality title. It's a competitive market, what the hell is to be expected?

kevnb2959d ago

its all down to a handful of games every year.

Wobbuffet2958d ago

''Quality multiplayer'' and ''call of duty'' don't go in the same sentence.

JokesOnYou2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Yeah, a quality multiplayer game can keep most casual gamers satisfied for quite some time, its the old "Madden Effect", I remember when Madden was the biggest news in gaming, hell there is still a Madden-only fanbase of gamers who only buy Madden every year and don't bother with much else. Now the biggest fanbase in gaming is without a doubt the Shooter-aholics, who pretty much only buy the most popular shooters and because online gaming has become so huge 1 or 2 good shooters is plenty to satisfy them all year. I'm not judging them, since I myself love to play shooters just as much as the next guy, thankfully I'm more of a all around gamer who can appreciate all genre's of games, with the exception of jrpg's.


avengers19782958d ago

I still buy plenty of games
Hell i currently have
Dead rising 2
COD:Black ops
Infamous 2
Mass Effect 2
Batman Arkham City
all reserved just waiting for release date... those are the reserved There are probably like 10 more games that I will get sooner or later.

tinybigman2958d ago

multiplayer games don't hold my interest for very long, which is why i'm always looking for my next single player fix. multiplayer games don't stop me from buying games.

God of War 3
Heavy Rain
Mass Effect 2
3D Dot Game Heroes
Mafia 2
Alan Wake
Super Mario Galaxy 2
White Knight Chronicles
Red Dead Redemption (mostly for the main game itself even though i'm lvl 21)

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RedDead2959d ago

Ask them to stop making good games then /s

FragGen2959d ago

We can only hope that the companies involved will find a way to fix their mistake of accidentally providing tremendous value to their customers.

kevnb2959d ago

most average console owners only want to buy a few games a year, they most likely rent the rest or buy used a few months later.

kevnb2959d ago

they cut off xbox live for the og xbox, poor silly console players.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2959d ago

everyone always seems to forget about gamefly/netflix when it comes to media sales. why am I going to be pay 60 for a could be so-so game/movie when I could rent it. there are still a few franchises I will pick up day one at the store, but we have been burned way too many times to continue that cycle.

I remember buying 2-3 copies of games on the ps1/ps2 back in the day due to normal wear and tear, scratches, etc... now with the ps3 blu ray discs you have to attempt to damage the disc which reduces the number of sales due to that fact alone.

I can totally see the lack of sales due to a cult following of a game. Take ps2 Socom-2 for example. Two new games were released for that franchise and there were still more people playing the older game. That game very rarely left my ps2, with the exception of a few new must have releases.

kevnb2959d ago

we are getting closer to the point where publishers are going to have make gaming a service to remain profitable.

CombatEvolving2958d ago

That won't help because I'll just play one game that's worth paying for.

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