Kotaku: Dragon Age II's Hero Cleans Up, Becomes Female Real Nice

Hawke might be strong enough as a man, but he makes one damn fine woman. Bioware reveals the more feminine side to Dragon Age II's main character.

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rdgneoz32994d ago

The female version of Hawke came out well. As for which version to choose, would people rather spend countless hours looking at a guy's @$$ or a woman's?

Baka-akaB2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

since i'm supposed to be him , the guy ..
Especially when i'd never think about his ass lol .

And there are more than enough eyecandy in the world of Dragon age , for those that care about that sort of things .

Playing the woman version is usually an afterthought and a way to get new content on secondary playthrough for me

JsonHenry2994d ago

That is cool. But for some reason I can never bring myself to play as a female character if I have a choice.

Tikicobra2994d ago

When it comes to what sex to choose in video games, I think of it as if it were a toy. If I was buying my son (I don't have a son) a toy, I wouldn't buy him a Barbie doll, I'd buy him a G.I. Joe.

Nihilism2994d ago

Hell MF yes. I always play as female PC's in games...for one as rdgneoz3 said...female ass, be it digital or real, is easier on the eye ( and mind ).

But it's also part of the escapism. That said, the hawke character for one doesn't look like some down syndrone wonkey eyed scrap yard worker like 90% of male protaganists in games.

I'm not dumb...I don't like playing people who have excessively macho 1 liners and a face that looks like he has been in 1 bar brawl a day since the day he could walk.

Sarevok2994d ago

Awww how sweet! woman trapped in a man's

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Sarevok2994d ago

Umm why would you look at his ass?

When I was playing DAO I was looking at the land.

Nihilism2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

You must have had the console version. I had some very nice clothes....and I use the word clothes loosely....for me female PC via mods on the PC version.


Who doesn't want a woman that can give it back?.

Sarevok2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Yeah I did! because pc gaming is a pain in the ass.

Because nothing is more fun then trying to fix errors to old ass game like diablo 2.(Change my os and now I have to switch all my drivers to make it work.)

Or how about VTMB and Call of Cthulhu Dark Corners of the Earth, two of the most buggy ass pc games I own.

pc gaming brings me nothing but stress, by the time I get the game working I don't want to play it anymore.

Nihilism2994d ago

Your complaint about a 12 year old game not working well on modern PC's is irrelevant and a double standard.

Q: Do Games from 12 year old console's work with modern consoles?

The answer is no. But to the answer to the question. "does a 12 year old game, diablo 2 work on modern PC's" the answer is yes. It does work, and it works flawlessly. The fact that you cannot select native res is no fault of the game. It is simply that the resolutions used now were not around back then, neither was the aspect ratio of the monitors we use now.

Another double standard:

Bayonetta: "Buggy ass game, the developer sucks"

Buggy PC game: "PC sucks, it's the PC's fault, not the fault of the developer!"

By that token, every game that runs poorly or has a bug on consoles is the fault of the console itself...

I have only ever had 2 PC games crash on me....ever. Sacred 2 and Fallout 3. It is no fault of the is the fault of the developer. So put your double standards away, they are transparent.

If you have read the review of Dragon AGe on PC....they all tell you which version to buy. Not only ebcause of the graphics, but because of the isometric view, the mods, the better U.I. The better dialogue usability and overall streamlined interface. Which is funnily enough the same thing that is written about every RPG that is on both console's and PC.

PC's shortfalls are only as great as the users inexperience. I have no problems whatsoever and as I pointed out, your double standard means you will always find and excuse to blame the PC hardware for a problem, which always blaming developers for console game bugs.

Sarevok2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Oh funny thing btw I got my pc in 2009.

you just made my point tyvm good sir!

Oh and I forgot Neverwinter nights 2!
That game would make me rage with it's slow

Oh I know right? I could not get fallout 3 to work at all. I had to get it for ps3.

Tho here are some of the best pc games I own that work.
Baldur's Gate saga
Icewind dale Saga
SC2(it's okay...I'm not a huge rts fan but I got it for free.)

Dandy2994d ago

She has a stout face, which is pretty rare for female mains. Rather than being sexed up she actually looks like she slays shit for a living.

StarScream4Ever2994d ago

I LIKE. She's hot. :D *oh hope my GF dont read this...*