Knights in the Nightmare Preview (

Raymond Herrera of previews the upcoming Strategy RPG, “Bullet Hell” shooter Knights in the Nightmare, developed by Sting, which was originally released on the Nintendo DS but has been brought to the Sony PSP thanks to Atlus.

"Knights in the Nightmare’s story is a bleak and sad one, as the kingdom of Aventheim has essentially been destroyed from within by evil forces and inner conflicts.

Originally the gameplay on the DS version had the player using the stylus to move the “wisp” around the screen to command the allied characters on a grid type battle system while also having to dodge “bullets” that the enemy shoots which damage your wisp when it is struck.

Instead of using the stylus however gamers will instead control the wisp with the PSP’s thumb stick which seems to work just as well, or even better, than the stylus and is fairly responsive."

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