PlayStation Move: The Ultimate FAQ

PlayStation blog: "Here it is! We’ve spent the last few weeks compiling the most comprehensive, info-packed, and authoritative resource for PlayStation Move, the PlayStation 3 motion controller that launches in the U.S. on September 19th. We’ve also included dozens of questions asked by PlayStation gamers — that means you!"

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Hideo_Kojima2967d ago

Q: Why is PlayStation Move better than the Kinect or the Wii?

A: PlayStation Move is the most powerful, precise, and easy-to-use motion controller ever designed. It combines the strengths of a physical controller — physical buttons and vibration feedback — with the flexibility afforded by motion controls as well as unmatched precision. PlayStation Move can also precisely detect the absolute position of the controller held by the users in real-life 3D space. Additionally, it makes use of the PlayStation Eye camera for head and body tracking, photo and video capability, online video chat and more.

Combined with the unmatched power and HD capabilities of the PS3 system, PlayStation Move enables the most robust and sophisticated motion gaming experience.

TANUKI2967d ago

Yes, it was a very good read. I'm liking the $39.99 price for some games.

TardcoreGamer2967d ago

little upset there is no vibration or sixaxis support for the nav controller though....

LeonSKennedy4Life2967d ago

Agreed. It's thirty freakin' bucks!

Hazmat132967d ago

this was very helpfull. why on does it say september 17 on the website but here it says september 19??? im gonna be poking the ball everytime i pick up the move controller. LOL

THC CELL2967d ago

we test move out at work we dropped it a few times and even threw it at a wall.the thing is pretty good at taking a beat in..

Aquarius2967d ago

"A: No, you do not need to stand. As long as the camera has a clear, direct view of you and the PlayStation Move motion controller, you can play while standing, sitting, slouching, reclining, etc."

"slouching and reclining"

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