Duke Nukem Will Suck, Through The Eyes Of The Critics

Duke Nukem has no chance of living up to the hype created. 13 years is a long time to wait for a sequal.

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Mista T2993d ago

Haters gonna hate! all you need is duke nukem with the voice of jon st john with hilarious dialogue and some aliens with some pigcops and huge boss fights. along with amazing settings (if you guys have seen, it goes from like a desert level, to a boss fight in a football stadium, to a level in a dam. these are just some of the ones I know) along with amazingly fun gameplay, to honestly tell you I think we got a classic on our hands.

this game is much different from a lot of games these days, and the difference is the character and the concentration on the fun factor and gameplay.

tunaks12993d ago

I have a feeling it wont live up to the hype. Its just been too dam long, a lot of shooters have come and gone and I think this will get lost in the shuffle- which makes me sad because I have some good memories of playing Duke Nukem 3d on my windows 95 computer.


but dont you think that since your a fan of the genre that you will appreciate it as what it is, a brand new duke nukem game?

N4GAddict2993d ago

It looks great so far going by the trailers.

Venox20082993d ago

I won't listen what critics will say, I AM GONNA PLAY IT BY MYSELF!!! :) yes, it's late, but IT'S STILL COMIN'!! :)


thats my point man! critics are gonna tear it apart but fans and true dukenukem gamers are gonna LOVE IT!!!

jaredhart2993d ago

Duke Nukem will never suck. Long Live the King!


he's all out of bubblegum again!

SpaceSquirrel2993d ago

If the final product is good than all would be forgiven.


i think it dont have to be good to get duke nukem fans fired up though

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