Free Release Date Shipping for PlayStation Move

[email protected] writes: "For those that are planning to buy a Move and want to get it as soon as it releases, do we have a coupon for you!"

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49erguy2751d ago

I wish they'd do this for all game day releases. Paying 60 and then having to cough up for shipping kinda sucks.

N4GAddict2751d ago

That's why Amazon rocks.

Theo11302751d ago

Amazon Prime also rocks, and i get charged no sales tax from amazon in california.

syanara2751d ago

I recently spent $500 on Video game purchases from amazon for this holiday

jaytv-pyro2751d ago

Can't wait until next Friday I'm doing a PS Move unboxing on my youtube channel.

Theoneneo812751d ago

Got it from Amazon 99 cent release day shipping plus had $20 credit from Madden 11 =win

WetN00dle692751d ago

REACH can wait!
Ill be getting the MOVE bundle this coming week!

Theoneneo812751d ago

i got both coming Birthday money FTW haha busy week for gaming got Shadow Broker ME2 awesome by the way Reach Midnight and Move Friday.

theonlylolking2751d ago

notice how they are all women. Are they trying to get women ideas on where to put it?