Mafia II: Jimmy's Vendetta DLC Now Available

Mafia II is getting the first pack of DLC today with the release of Jimmy's Vendetta. Spanning over 30 missions, Jimmy's Vendetta will offer gamers a more open-ended experience than Mafia II may have, but the range of missions will certainly entertain. Jimmy’s Vendetta will be available for players for 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox 360 and for $9.99 for PS3 and PC owners.

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LOOK_AT_THIS_I2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

I think you meant to say Not Enough GAME.

unreal that this game was released on the 23rd of Aug and has already had 2 dlc packs. not sure whats worse, the developers holding out on content and forcing players to spend even more money on the game, OR the fact that people are stupid enough to turn around and buy dlc that drops right after the game hits shelves. I guess as long as people dont mind being squeezed we will get this treatment until people finally tell them to stick it.

its because of greed like this that Gamefly gets my money for these games rather than the company that made it.

TABSF2968d ago

This is true but the DLC is really cool and for me better than the Vito story

jim2wheels2967d ago


I think you're missing the point. The so called "DLC" was already created before the game was released - essentially they are saying "hey' I'm gonna make you pay twice as much to play the whole game"


Completely agree, if muppets keeping buying, sensible gamers are going to suffer. I'm never going to buy a new game until a few months after release so I can see how much of the game I'm actually getting for my money.

MMFGaming2968d ago

Mafia II was over way too quick for my taste. Anyone know how long the DLC is?

TANUKI2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

I got the DLC with the PS3 version, but I haven't tried it yet. However, I read a few messages on other websites, and people say it adds about 7 hours more to total gameplay time (on normal difficulty).

jy_mrnd2968d ago

Just got the DLC today on steam the game is awesome!

dirthurts2968d ago

I really feel like this content was ready when the game came out, they just decided to release it separately so they could charge more.
Good games but I don't support dlc.

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