Game Audio Profile of the Talented Sound Team Behind Halo: Reach

SoundWorks Collection got an exclusive game sound video profile that features the talented sound team behind "Halo: Reach", the blockbuster prequel to the best-selling Xbox franchise of all time.

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LeeRoyJenkins3018d ago

Best sound a music guys in the business. Here's to you Marty! Remember only a week left til Halo Reach takes over.

QuantumWake3018d ago

Cheers to the Sound guys! Man, I love Marty. He really makes the game's cinematics and gameplay sound so amazing! Only 6 more days till Halo: Reach! I am super duper hyped right now!

Cheers to Bungie! :D

Convas3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Cheers to Marty and the Boys at Bungie! They certainly are one of the best Audio Teams in the industry! I am definitely going to buy the OST for Reach this time around. I love Marty's music.

6 Days till Halo: Reach son! DAY ONE!

RH063018d ago

Can't wait to hear my Reach Xbox S audio sounds too...

MasterD9193018d ago

Will this be the last time we hear Marty's awesome scores?

343 industries better snatch him quick for halo 4!

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