No Online for NBA Jam on WIi

The following is a Twitter question/answer session with an EA Sports Community Manager...

Q: Will NBA Jam have an online multiplayer mode on the Wii? If so, can 2 players play online at the same time, on the same Wii? Thanks.

EA: not on the Wii. It will on XBOX 360 and PS3

Doesn't get anymore cut-and-dry than that. Looks like we'll be keeping our multiplayer action confined to the local option.

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BrianB2960d ago

isn't this game comming onto the ps3/360 for free lol

tunaks12960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

a "scaled" back version apparently,
but yes I think EA is setting themselves up for disappointment, its turned into a no buy from me.

BrianB2960d ago

dude who cares if its scaled back HD gamers are getting it for free and with online support

DlocDaBudSmoka2960d ago

i dont think $60 for nba Elite and a dumb down version of jam is free.

ozstar2959d ago

Its free if you buy a copy of some other basketball game.

I guess its free if you consider the other game worth buying, which EA clearly don't, since they're adding a free game on top.

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Myst2960d ago

Lots of local multiplayer love going around it seems. Yet the exclusion of online makes me wonder what is going on? In the past all games seemed to have been online with no local, now it seems as if it's all local and no online...

yewles12960d ago

lol, EA ruined it further.

SpoonyRedMage2960d ago

EA in six months: "The reason NBA Jam didn't sell is because there's no market for arcade sports game on the system."

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The story is too old to be commented.