Joystiq: R.U.S.E. Review - Real Time, Realer Boredom

If the pace weren't horrendous and the campaign so god-awfully boring, R.U.S.E. would make for an enjoyable RTS but certainly not a groundbreaking one. World War II just isn't the biggest thrill anymore, Nazis are overused and the overall package surrounding the gameplay – graphics, story, multiplayer options – is weak at best. As it is, R.U.S.E. would be most fun for those with more patience. But, during those moments when everything falls into place, the art of deception is just barely enough to keep less patient folks on board.

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rdgneoz32992d ago

"Nazis are overused" Maybe, but if games use "enemies" from modern times, everyone will be up in arms about it. Also, seeing as the review was just the 360 version and not PS3 with Move, curious how they'd rate the later.

BubbleSystemSuck2992d ago

maybe overused... but just few games with Nazis are good. This is a good game.

AI is incredible

rdgneoz32992d ago

Was gonna get it (and still am), but a little busy, so I'm picking it up once I get Move.

CrzyFooL2992d ago

The game looks really cool, but is boring as hell.

Perjoss2992d ago

This could not have come at a worse time, with StarCraft2 released not long ago, most peoples RTS fix is already more than fulfilled.

despair2992d ago

i know right, can't see myself taking any other RTS seriously until probably Heart of the Swarm is released.

Letros2992d ago

Yea I've been playing SC2 and decided to try the RUSE demo, yea...gonna stick with SC2 until Shogun 2 and DoW2: Retribution.

Psychotica2992d ago

Starcraft 2 is good but it's just more of the same style of RTS. I like RUSE because finally there is something really different to play.

TheOldOne2992d ago

i would have actually preferred EndWar2 rather than this. I am not really a fan of old ww2 stuff, i prefer mordern or futuristic rts to this. I probably get this only cos of the move support though, this and under siege.

LeonSKennedy4Life2992d ago

It's an RTS.

Did you expect to be entertained?

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