The Last Guardian may be at TGS after all

Speaking at the recent CESA Developers Conference, the visionary developer alluded to forthcoming Guardian news that would make Team Ico fanboys mess their Yorda-branded boxers. Ueda admitted: "I believe we'll soon be able to make some announcements that will please everyone, so please look forward to it."

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R2D22992d ago

Now lets hope we dont get any spoilers.

Godmars2902992d ago

-They become separated, but both find safe havens.
-They find a safe haven together away from the people/things hunting them.

Who saw the ending to SOTC coming? Ico for that matter. What makes the Ico team so good, with their two completed projects so far, is that they not only get you involved and caring for characters without one word of dialog, they hit you with things you never see coming.

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Kain812992d ago

if i cant find it earlier ^^
BTW is there any news about the JOURNEY from thatgamecompany...will they show it @ TGS?

KonohagakureFC2992d ago

I think it looks more like a Hyena mixed with a bird than a baby dragon but thats just me

bjornbear2992d ago

you'd expect Team Ico wouldn't care if you know/guess who dies, because in the end its the connection you create with the characters.

Either case, consider ICO, and how NEITHER OF THE TWO CHARACTERS DIE.

so assuming that will be so is limited (to SoTC) yet possible, but not a problem.

if one of the two dies, it will be just as awesome since having created a connection with both characters will cause it to be a novelty =3

tbh, I doubt team ICO will repeat same emotional formula as SoTC and we'll see something a little more elaborate than "aww little boy/giant dog bird cat thing dies"

Cenobia2992d ago

"Either case, consider ICO, and how NEITHER OF THE TWO CHARACTERS DIE."

That is not necessarily accurate. The end is simply left open to interpretation.

You could consider the beach sequence real, a dream by Ico, or that both characters are dead and the sequence takes place in the afterlife.

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Godmars2902992d ago

Can only wonder if Sony has anything left up their sleeve besides this. And GT5.

Hands Up For Games2992d ago

I hope not, my wallet wouldnt be able to handle it ;)

Seriously though, im not a big fan of GT (or sims in general) so I wont be picking that up but The Last Guardian!? Oh my, oh my, oh my.

Easily my most anticipated games of next year, of that their is no doubt!

Still cant believe we havent seen a Team Ico game this gen, ive misssed you guys!!

N4BmpS2992d ago

Who knows now that they have the ball rolling they may or may not pick up a few canceled games (or games placed on hiatus)

yoshiro2992d ago

i have no doubt that this game will become the best game for this gen, and maybe the best game ever, at least one of the best

Seijoru2992d ago

This game will be second only to LBP2

BX812992d ago

It better show up somewhere I'm looking forward to this game!

house2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

but im more than sure they will show this game at tgs its where there fan base is, heres to the 2nd unknown game is zone of the enders 3 (prays) ico and shadow of the Colossus hd remake is at the top of my list as well

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