Destructoid: PAX 10: Getting classy with Killzone 3's multiplayer

Killzone 3 was at PAX Prime. How could I not resist the urge to wait in line and get involved in some full-scale ISA-on-Helghast combat? With jetpacks and mechs thrown into the mix, Killzone 3's multiplayer is bigger, better, and more metal than ever before, but then, I am a huge Killzone fanboy!

Every class in the multiplayer has been tweaked and enhanced, with new skills and weapons, and nearly all of them for the better. If you want to know how your favorite Killzone character has benefited (or suffered) from the changes, read on as we get classy!

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Hoje03083018d ago

So far, the changes sound good and I'm curious to see what abilities and weapons each class will get. Sounds like something that will require a lot of balancing. An open beta would help tremendously ;)

-Alpha3018d ago

Yeah, thank goodness they removed the Assault class.

I'm worried about the medic being overpowered/easy to use (XP-wise), but hopefully it works well. Saboteurs may be called cheap for getting the random kill on you, but it should fix the issue of saboteurs being way too easy to spot in K2. I think there should be incentive to stay disguised though, like perhaps gaining the ability to hack into enemy technology, etc.

Sniper sounds like he is getting some close up action, and I think it's a little odd that the tactitian now has the spot and mark, as it doesn't make much sense to me. The scout is supposed to be the class overlooking the battlefield, but I guess the beta should help us understand.

Glad to see Engies getting LMG.

Sounds good so far, I think they are hiding some classes from us, but we will see.

bjornbear3018d ago

the shotgun always felt off. some people mastered it, I just thought it was a horrible weapon for someone who stays in the background

Medic does seem over powered being able to revive himself =/...i don't get that, hopefully it will work out for the best.

either way, I was usually a medic/tactician so, looking good for me =D

alphakennybody3018d ago

the assault class is still there it's in the mp trailer the one that get stabbed

Rezka3018d ago

damn alpha male your comments on every article always seem to please me for some reason

nickjkl3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

wait the engineer has an lmg

turret+lmg = ugh but only if the lmg damage is as insane as it was in killzone 2 the lmg in killzone 2 was freaking beast compared to every other gun idk how i feel about that same with infiltrator spawning with a shotgun as if shotguns on a engineer werent enough now i gotta deal with disguised shotgun users

im probably going to stay in my main classes medic sniper and tactician

you can tell somethings wrong because in every one of his points he says each class is turned into a machine which makes me weary of whats happening

Philoctetes3018d ago

I'm extremely glad they got rid of the spawn grenades. They were a good concept, but bad tacticians just absolutely ruined them and made some game modes almost unplayable (like the one where you had to plant charges and defend them, where both sides would inevitably put down spawn points right next to the objective).

Removing spot and mark from the sniper is a big change too.

Hideo_Kojima3018d ago

The grenades would be better if they were airdrop grenades... that way you wouldn't be able to spawn inside enemy or other mission buildings.

slutface3018d ago

this is why im a sony fan for life.....they give me what i want!

djreplay3018d ago

the beta starts in october so i heard, not sure how to get in yet.

ExPresident3018d ago

Sounds and looks awesome so far. Removal of the assault class is pretty sweet as that crap was abused beyond belief. Although I'm a bit skeptical of this whole "skill" set you see in the MP video. Hope these aren't "perks". Extra health sounds way to much like juggernaut :/

I'll wait and see tho. Right now this is Day 1.

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