Neocrisis: Mortal Kombat - PAX'10 - Scorpion and Sub-Zero Battle

Neocrisis: Watch Scorpion and Sub-Zero battle it out!...

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mickaelmc2940d ago

Just like Greg Miller shouts out in this video "I HATE THE XBOX D-PAD!!"
Which is why any decent player is gonna get this and any other fighting game on the PS3. Best D-pad in the business.

spacetattoo2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

ps3 the worst warranty and customer service in the business.

any decent player huh, maybe you need to just stop trolling already.

The D-pad is not all that great but at the same time, people always blame something when there getting there arse kicked. it's normal routine, I don't suck my face hurts.

jazzking20012940d ago

i will get it for ps3 cuz i dont got a 360

spacetattoo2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

Only way to go is to play this on xbox live. new controller looks to sum up all the problems with the D-pad. The twist movement is pimp.

However Mortal Kombat will be epic, no matter what system it is on.

jazzking20012940d ago

hope this MK game is good

mickaelmc2939d ago

not trolling fool.
I just agreed on Greg Miller shouting at the crappy 360 controller's d-pad. I feel his pain evertime I turn on my xbox. I don't anymore.
also, I love how you then admitted that there's a problem with their d-pad and said that the solution to the problem, which is 80 bucks, is coming soon. ...and then you got the xbox live you say is the only way to play? ...I'd rather save 50 bucks every year and spend it on all the amazing exclusives the PS3 now has.
...stop trolling...haha. you're an ass. watch the video you dumb shit.