GameInformer: R.U.S.E Review

A number of hiccups in the control scheme and unit AI keep the gameplay from being as smooth as GameInformer would like, and the console versions suffer from constant texture draw-in and object pop-up when you're quickly flitting about the map – which is most of the time. They hope online play finds an audience, though, because it's a unique flavor that is sure to resonate with a fair number of gamers. They can't recommend R.U.S.E. without reservations, but RTS enthusiasts may find what they're looking for.

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ArchangelMike2992d ago

0.75 of a point? Really? how pedantic can a review score get?!? Seriously, round up or down to the nearest half a point 7.5 or 8!

Anyway after playing the demo, I can say I'll definately be picking this up fpr the PS3, the reviews have generally been favourable across teh board.

callahan092992d ago

What it is is that they rate by quarter-points. Not tenths of a point. So they could give like a 7.00, 7.25, 7.50, 7.75, 8.00, etc. So instead of being an overall 100-point scale, it's a 40 point scale.

Eazy-Eman2992d ago

Don't let people's review get to you, reviews are strictly subjective. I find it sad that people base their purchases off of reviews. I loved God hand and that game got pummeled by critics

tommyth3cat2992d ago

This game is fun if maybe a little more simplified that I thought it would turn out to be. If you are into RTS you might as well try the demo see if it floats your boat.

Raoh2992d ago

i didnt like the demo, canceled my pre order

hopefully undersiege wont dissapoint..

outside of that starcraft 2 for the win