Inafune wants Blue Castle Games to develop Dead Rising 3

Dead Rising creator Keiji Inafune has revealed that, should Capcom give Dead Rising 3 the green light, he'll want Blue Castle Games back on board to develop it.

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R2D23024d ago

Lets hope this happens.

Sandal3024d ago

If this happens then this will be the first Dead Rising game I'll buy.

RH063024d ago

They made the 2nd one... So you will support the third if developed by them, but not the 2nd later this month...?

Sandal3024d ago

Because the characters and where the game takes place is terrible. There is a better chance of me buying the 3rd game but honestly I doubt I will buy it as there will be better games to save my money for.

3024d ago
CrzyFooL3024d ago

Well if DR 2 is a hit, this is a no brainer.

jay23024d ago

Get rid of the clock then it's all good.

CombatEvolving3024d ago

That's a big part of what sets this series apart from every other game out there. The timed gameplay really ups the intensity. As long #3 is out in 2-3 years I welcome it.

XANDEO3024d ago

Im on the fence on that one to be fair, i think they should have a better time system set up such as getting rid of the overall 7 day system and have it so when you go to an npc on the map and activate a mission the time to complete it should start from there, and when no missions are active you can do whatever the hell you like, you've all the time in the world, also u get as many days as u like.

Rocket Sauce3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

If you get rid of the clock, you're getting rid of most of the game.

I kinda like having boundaries in Dead Rising - it keeps things interesting.

Also, Blue Castle = bad mofos.

jay23024d ago

I mean something like a free roam option with other missions that'll help you in the main game such saving 5 people, taking them to a room and having them build weapons that'll appear in your invertory duing the main, timed game.

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