Other M Sequel "Cannot Be Possible" Without Team Ninja

So says Yoshio Sakamoto himself, esteemed co-creator of the Metroid-series. While he didn't have as much input in the Metroid Prime trilogy, he helmed the development of the most recent iteration, Metroid: Other M. And in his own words, if they were to make a sequel to it, Team Ninja would not be left out of the mix.

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DA_SHREDDER3017d ago

I hope not,, The other M made me a believer of not only in what is possible on the Wii, but what Team Ninja is capable of. I'm totally blown away. I can't imagine playing Metroid ever again unless Team Ninja is behind it. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Gago3016d ago

metroid other m felt like a real metroid game

unlike that fps prime

Gue13016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

Prime series was amazing!

Other M was average at best with stupid plot devices like the weaponary of Samus, retarded gameplay that almost plays itself and her whiny emo characterization.

Metroid was just another poor victim of the casualization, graphics and atmosphere were the only strong points. I love Team Ninja but they ruined the Metroid franchise.

Darkfocus3016d ago

I'm in agreement with you wiimaniac. I found that all I had to do was tap the control pad while in combat and I would never be hit by anything, plus I hated the linearity and the story was absolutely full of plot holes with cringe worthy voice acting and cheese, the way that you unlocked new ability's was retarded as well. Even after adam died(it was still stupid when he was commanding samus but evenmore senseless after he died) samus didn't use the gravity suit and had the gravity suit the whole time why wouldn't she use it?it reduces damage and she had to go through a ton of trouble to get through the gravity area plus she fought nightmare the gravity controlling boss from fusion and still didn't activate it.

also prime was amazing agreed

Rrobba3017d ago

Yea, Other M was great, and whilst IMO it didn't match the Prime series, it was still a solid experience with gorgeous looks, simple yet effective controls, a deep story and variety.

Venox20083016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

new Metroid adventure from Team Ninja.. but next time put context sensitive buttons when you are battling bosses, like god of war, it's much cooler... everything else was near perfect, really.. I enjoyed Other M soooooooo much!! :)

EvilTwin3016d ago

One more. They need to do one more. Why? For the same reason the original Metroid needed Super Metroid -- to polish up the template and refine it.

I really like Other M, but it isn't without flaws. The third-person "concrete boots" sections and the FP pixel hunting weren't that hard, IMO, but they really broke momentum. They could've been left on the cutting room floor. The story isn't as bad as it's made out to be, but we don't need this much melodrama again.

But this design? The TP/FP switching and building a game around digital controls for movement? It works. And I don't want to see it retired just yet.

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