Politician says Canada is angry about Medal of Honor

Jim Sterling of writes: Canadian Defense Minister Peter MacKay has become the latest in a growing line of people who presume to speak for their entire country and for every soldier in the world, criticizing Medal of Honor for its Taliban shenanigans and implying that anybody who enjoys the upcoming game hates Western freedom.

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zeeshan8102995d ago

pretty lame line: "By the way, I heard Electronic Arts was building a Mosque on Ground Zero out of the bones of American babies IS THIS TRUE!?"

Dramscus2995d ago

I hope so. I want to go and hang out at a baby bone mosque

captain-obvious2994d ago

its funny how Politicians always say " video game are for kids "

and then all of a sudden they all care when a game like this pops up

WhittO2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

I hate the way politicians/governments etc look down on games as though they are nothing but toys for kids or something and therefore make a huge fuss about a game containing Adult Content.

If a game is an 18+ it should be able to contain everything a movie that is 18+ does, but it isn't "allowed", imo they are a huge problem in slowing down the evolution of games.

I'd like to see what they think when seeing someone play through a game like Heavy Rain which shows a game isn't just about Shoot and Kill, or even Flower which is simply there to make you feel calm/relaxed coursing through the wind etc.

theKiller2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

"By the way, I heard Electronic Arts was building a Mosque on Ground Zero out of the bones of American babies IS THIS TRUE!?"

1: from where did hear it from? because i could say i heard he came from a chimpanzee mother too u know?

2: last i heard from the news it was not a Mosque but an islamic center, so who told him it was a mosque?

3: since when the entire area of Manhattan in New York became ground Zero? i thought they were building the islamic center in place of an old buiding that was almost collapsing that had nothing to do with 9/11 in any way, form or shape??

4: since when babies go to world trade center? and if the heat burned even the black box of the airplanes (yeah sure, a step to hide evidence), then how come any baby bone will survive the heat?

5: did any muslim americans build Mosques from bones before? how he came up with this idea and why did he bring it up and for what goal he brought it up?

6: since when suspects are accused and judged and implemented the punishment without evidence of their crime? last i know there is no proof that muslims or al-qaida did 9/11!! so whats the problem with muslims building anything anywhere in USA?

these questions need to be answered by this minister or the likes of him!!

those who love to follow the main stream like sheep without thinking, i tell u think once more and put ur faith/beleif/non belief in the muslim shoe and imagine USA accuses you faith to be responsible for a mass crime without evidence and makes wars and invade your fellow brothers in faith for this false accusation. how would u feel? imagine the atheist were accused without evidence for 9/11 and wars raised on your lands and millions died because of it , or christians, or jews, or hindu or buddha etc how would any of u feel?

Dramscus2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

As a Canadian myself I officially declare that canada doesn't give a shit about being able to play as the taliban in medal of honour.
It's a game. People play them. Thats it. It's not a judo ethical commentary on modern wars.
Repeat just a video game.

Nobody who has a life gives half a shit.

HyperBear2994d ago

Yea really. As a Volunteer of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games here in my hometown Van City, I could care less about playing as a taliban or not.

PEOPLE NEED TO UNDERSTAND: ITS A GAME. Just like Dramscus said, people play them and its not a game based on actual events with real life people who actually died overseas.

It is a game. Made up characters, made up story, perhaps somewhat life-like environments from the actual war, but Seriously.

I think I speak for all Canadians when I say: CANADA DOESNT CARE!
All We care about is the upcoming NHL Season and getting stock of Molson Canadian Every Saturday Night!

Army_of_Darkness2994d ago

But I prefer Corona or Heinekin over canadian beer;)

n4f2994d ago

i also prefere heinekein over canadian beer

huzzaahh2994d ago

I'm Canadian and I certainly don't care.

It's no different from all other war games. You can play as Nazis killing the Allies is Call of Duty. You play as an unnamed terrorist organization in Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2, but nobody cares about that. As soon as there's some kind of specification, people go insane. If anything in these games should piss people off, it should be being able to play as Nazis.

huzzaahh2994d ago


I prefer GOOD beer over Corona, Heinekin, and a lot of Canadian beer.

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Chris3992994d ago

Canadian myself and I can tell you that this is just political posturing. Canadians (most) don't give a shit about things like this.

kneon2994d ago

I would think most people didn't even have a clue what he was talking about. Most people don't even know the game exists let alone what it's about

CyberCam2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

I'm a Canadian as well and couldn't give a rat's a$$ about playing as a taliban in a bloody video game. Good God I wish these friggin' politicians would shut the hell up, you idiots don't speak for me at all. You're the ones that start most of these f*cking wars in the first place... all for control of the world's oil.

Why don't these idiots make good on their promises and take care of the problems in their own backyards!

scar202994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

I live in america which is land of the free so in other words i can play watevr the hell i want and if u dnt like it tough luck cuz im gonna support the devs that took the time to make this game.

BattleAxe2994d ago

Land of the free? You clearly do not follow politics.

Dan502994d ago

The Supreme Court will say if video games are art or not. If not censorship on an Australian/German scale will happen.

n4f2994d ago

say word?
i will export game toward america then!(serious)

a_squirrel2994d ago

Land of the free? Bullcrap.

huzzaahh2994d ago

We're more free in Canada than you are in the good ol' U.S. of A.

tunaks12994d ago

I'm canadian and I haven't seen/read/heard any kind of discussion on the whole MOH contreversy.

Natsu X FairyTail2994d ago

''Politician says Canada is angry about Medal of Honor''

STFU!!!! Who Exactly are they to say CANADA is angry about this? Dont mix Political bullsh1t with the rest of canada.

I'm pretty sure NONE of my Fellow Non-gamer Canadians Are even aware of the supposed contreversy. We dont give a f1ck about playing as Talibans or Americans. We just want to play a damn game.

Anon19742994d ago

Yeah, I know exactly zero Canadian gamers - or Canadians in general, who find an issue with this. What, should we stop making movies if they have the Taliban in them? How about books? Tell us, Peter Mackay, what else are we as Canadians mad about?

BattleAxe2994d ago

Vancouver here, and I could care less. In fact I could care less about this half assed game anyways. EA is loving all of the controversy, just gives the game more exposure.

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