The Worst Madden 08 is not on the PS3, its on the PSP

While PS3 version of Madden 08 has been considered the inferior version, according to GD, PSP version seems to have taken the unflattering honor of being the worst version on any platform. It was awarded a score of 6/10, suffering from a range of issues including a lack of modes and a poor multiplayer set-up. A further cause for conern is that this is Madden's third outing on the PSP and it still is severly lacking in terms of quality.

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MK_Red3986d ago

Relax my fellow PSP fans. It's not saying PSP sucks (PSP is a superb machine with great games like Crush and Daxter), it says Madden 08 PSP sucks which means EA sucks and thats a fact. EA can't make a decent sports game for PS3 and PSP because they're lazy and stupid.

aaquib23986d ago

Ea is lazy, stupid, and greedy.

Lazy - Too lazy to spent additional effort on 1 platform. They make crappy ports on all 10.

Stupid - They're too stupid to figure out 60fps, when many, many 3rd party developers already have.

Greedy - I see them switching to DS and Wii/360 because they maximize profits, but spend really little. They don't build a great game on either platforms, they just build crap and try making money off it.

doshey3986d ago

they are they will have a budget that is to be spread out evenly with the systems, ps3 and psp got the short end of the budget

Nigglet3986d ago

I just feel sorry for playstation and there inferior game machines.

MikeGdaGod3986d ago

i don't think the psp version is that bad. i think to try to compare it to the 360/ps3 version is foolish. its great to have while at work and in between my classes.

SmokeyMcBear3986d ago

I tried the madden 06 model for my psp when it first came out.. that was utter crap. Controls were just horrible, offensive linment that were about 4 inches tall, just a crap port of a game. Seems like nothing has changed, alright EA

MikeGdaGod3986d ago

but 07 and 08 are 1000x's better imo

MK_Red3986d ago

IGN gave both versions of PSP and PS3 a 7.7. Since the next gen versions of Madden were really well recieved, most reviewers thought the PSP one should be the same which is wrong and unfair.

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The story is too old to be commented.